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[T:TSCC] 2.09 "Complications" [2008-11-17]

Heh, Cameron turning Ellison over -- echoing the conversation about the tortoise.  (And Terminators aren't programmed to be cruel.)

The conversations about whether "Fischer" and Ellison were telling the truth, I was totally thinking about micro-expressions and such from work.  (Terminators would totally be programmed to read those things, yes?  Though no I'm not actually expecting tv writers to know about that and write it in.)

Toby Ziegler!  And Warren (from BtVS).

I liked that when Jesse switched from "find out his mission" to "doesn't matter about his mission, kill him," Derek was like, "What did he to you?"  That he could forget weeks/months of torture, and not know that he was missing any time, especially if he obsessively talked about it with Jesse... seems very implausible to me.  I like that he thought to wonder if they were coming back from different futures -- pointing out that changing the future is what they're trying to do after all.

Derek went to shoot young!Fischer and Jesse shot elder!Fischer I was like, "Something's wrong here."  Though okay, she fairly points out that the boy hasn't done the things the older man has done.

So sad that wee!Fischer gets put away for something elder!Fisher does.  And so we see that he did come back with a mission.  (Sidebar: the watch repair thing kept making me think of Sylar.)  Jesse said no one comes back without a mission, but of course she has insisted to Derek that she's here because she needs a rest -- a scene included in the Previouslies... and Derek even says to her in this episode maybe he's AWOL like her.  Her first episode we saw her surveillance photos of Derek, and we still don't know what her deal really is.  (I facepalmed at her question about whether there's a future in which they are not together, 'cause hi, you are not that OTP.)

Seeing the 3 dots on Sarah's paper after seeing Jesse's story, I wondered if the dots represented the Terminator faces (those lights in the darkness).

And I argh at Ellison taking Cromartie to Weaver.  When he was talking about preventing history from happening or whatever, I thought, "You're writing history" -- though we're still not clear on Weaver's relationship to Skynet (whether she's building Skynet as we know it or if she came back to build a different one).

Edit: soundingssea says (among other things): "He's not evil! His name is Toby Ziegler and he works at the White House!"
Tags: tv: the sarah connor chronicles, whedon: small world

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