Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

a guy sort of tried to pick me up!

I owe a brief writeup about the flat-out week I have had, plus the Merchant of Venice panel discussion I went to, but I just have to post about this because I'm so pleased by it.

I was walking down College Ave. a little before 7pm, and these two guys were finishing up a conversation (one on a porch, one on the sidewalk), and I walked between them and the sidewalk guy (Dan?) walked with me and asked me if I'd heard what the porch guy had said.  I said no, and he told me that he had said, "Hey there sweetheart" [something like that anyway -- I mostly remember that it ended with "sweetheart"] and I laughed.  He asked if it was okay to walk with me since we were going the same direction, and asked if he was bothering me, and I said no it was fine.  He said that they were gonna get together on Thanksgiving, smoke and have some beers, at like 4pm, and I said my parents were having Thanksgiving dinner at 2, and he wasn't pushy enough to make me uncomfortable.  He offered me weed, and I said thanks that's very generous but I don't smoke.  We chatted superficially about some other stuff, but those were the highlights.

Edit: Oh, and he said, "Do you always walk this fast?" and I laughed, 'cause I didn't feel like I was going faster than my normal pace, but apparently this was a fast pace for him -- despite the fact that he was taller than me so his stride should naturally be bigger. /edit

I used to get these random encounters with much greater frequency, and I've been kind of missing it, so *glee*  Yes, I'm weird, shuddup.


I met Carolyn for dinner at Martsa on Elm because she wanted to try out Tibetan food (she got the butter tea and everything).  She asked me for recommendations, and I remembered getting some mushroom and broccoli in brown sauce dish which I couldn't now find on their menu (I hadn't been since before they renovated).  She ended getting the chicken with garlic and ginger and coconut curry 'cause it had like the most flavors of anything on the menu.  I got the tofu with cashew curry and pumpkin sauce.  It was really good.  The seeds were irksome, but at least you could clearly see them so you weren't freaked out by the random crunchy bits.  We got Potato Chaat as an appetizer, which I wasn't hugely thrilled by; I forget what the menu said it was flavored with, and it was just a little bit much for me.

We were there for about an hour and then migrated to Diesel (which she had also never been to), where we stayed for over 2 hours.  (I have mild paranoia that I forgot to sign the receipt at Martsa -- I remember calculating tip, but I can't remember if I actually signed the receipt.  Sigh.)
Tags: food: boston area, random male person encounters

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