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"Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the Second Coming is at hand. "

astrocenter.com says:

Dear ELIZABETH, here is your Horoscope for December 12, 2002

Today you might spend a lot of time running errands in your near
neighborhood, ELIZABETH. You could run into some friends or
neighbors, but you probably won't feel like stopping and conversing
with them. You're apt to be working on something important which
you'll want to get back to as soon as possible. Traffic or other
delaying factors could get in your way, however. Don't make
yourself crazy. Go with the flow, and you'll accomplish what you

Last night i read Cupid & Psyche so i can participate in the class discussion today, wrote a brief "Who are you and how do you know?" for Michael's class, and memorized Yeats's "The Second Coming" so i can fulfill the memorization/recitation requirement in that same class. I also downloaded Mahler and Berlioz so that i have classsical music to listen to while somehow producing 10 pages of literary thought by noon tomorrow because music with words distracts me.

(And what happened to that big old storm that caused the calling of a snow emergency and all? Everything out my window is well-plowed, and it doesn't even look like there was much accumulation.)

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