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[T:TSCC] 2.10 "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point" [2008-11-24]

I was glad Derek finally found out about Jesse's spying -- though I suppose it was too much to hope for that he would actually find out her deal.  (Okay, the toothbrush thing was nicely done, but...)

When Riley said, "that's not a poster of a bear," I thought, "it's a poster of a fish."  She was sounding so broken (as soon as she said the thing about how all the kids were losers, I was like, "and she's including herself in that") and I thought John had gone there to break up with her and then couldn't do it.  And yes he was a bit of a "jerkface" (as my roommate put it) to just leave when she'd invited him to sit with her, but I really did feel like he was struggling with the heavy implications of being in a relationship with her would entail.

And then Jesse shows up and whoa, fake out.  As soon as Riley said, "I don't think I can keep doing this," I thought, "That sounds like she's back here on a mission, not just that Boys Are Hard."  And yeah, she clearly is back here on a mission -- though the exact nature of her and Jesse's mission(s) is still unclear.  See also: Weaver.  Who seems to be building an alternative Skynet... and wants it to have ethics?  She keeps seeming evil (sidebar: she is a mother! how does it not occur to you to question her saying she's not equipped to teach this AI?).  (I find myself thinking of Asimov's I, Robot series -- with the 3 rules.  Which is particularly interesting given the theme of breaking the rules in this ep -- and really a recurrent theme re: AI ... recall Weaver's early statement to Ellison about crossing against the light.)

When Derek was pressing John on whether he could see clearly re: the mission, I felt like it was that Derek was having real difficulty keeping his own vision clear -- though Roomie's read is that everyone's worried about Sarah's influence on John ... which makes sense given that she's clearly teetering on the edge of psychotic break (as is Riley -- la la la parallelism).  And that reminds me of the moment where John hugged Sarah (which echoed that scene in last week's episode) and Riley interrupts and I was so bummed.

Ellison, talking about "Babylon" to the tech, says, "Do you know the story?" and I thought, "Yes!  Finally!  I've been waiting for this!"  But what he actually alludes to is the Tower of Babel, no?

Weaver, on the John Henry of folklore: "He beat the train but he couldn't stop progress."  (Which makes it a sort of an odd choice for a name for an AI, really.)

Also: JohnHenry!Cromartie!  (or is that Cromartie!JohnHenry?  I'm not really sure which should be the modifier and which the modified there)

Edit: aycheb says: "Lord but they really were serious about the Cromartie=Christ imagery. And the Son shall become his own Father (or AntiFather as the case may be). Well played show! Well played."
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