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[gym] ~25min in the weight room

My GmailTheme had (diagonal) rain.  (I have the Tree theme.)  The other day it had accumulated snow, and I just assumed it was winterized for the season, but apparently it actually responds to current weather (you can tell it your location).

Katie drove me home, which was yay because (a) I could change out of soggy feet, (b) I didn't have to buy dinner*, (c) gossipfest!
*It takes about the same amount of time to drive home as it does for me to do my usual walk-RedLine-walk commute, but it just seems silly to go all the way home for a quick dinner and then go all the way back for class when I could just do a leisurely sit-down at Mr. Crepe or whatever.

Unfortunate thing 1: I ate lots of cookies at Pie Day (didn't we used to get pumpkin bread and stuff, too) so I wasn't actually dinner-hungry during the window I was home.

Unfortunate thing 2: the fact that I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night hit right around the time I got to econ class.  Boring class is boring.  I literally slept through like 3/4 of class.  GDP and CPI ... really straightforward stuff that we do not need to spend a lot of time on, and the prof is just not a great prof, and he was using this PowerPoint which I think came with the book but which I don't think he'd used before so that was inefficient.


penknife talks about: "With some of the recent journal and community hackings (we don't know about the most recent one yet), the cause has apparently been that Hotmail is recycling closed email accounts. If you had a Hotmail address validated for your LJ account, and you close the Hotmail account, a hacker can then sign up for the same email address and use it to gain access to your LJ account."

In other LJ news... Permanent Account Sale starts on December 4.  Features include:
  • The most userpics available on LJ (boosted to 150, and that's not even counting Loyalty Userpics, which can add up to another 44 to your 150)
  • EDIT: Once the sale begins on December 4, the userpic and storage limits will be increased for all Permanent Accounts.
I am really intrigued by this 150 plus Loyalty pics, because the FAQ linked says, "Permanent Account: 144 userpics (includes maximum number of Loyalty Userpics)" -- which is at least a wee bit outdated, as my Edit Userpics page currently says, "Currently uploaded: 143 out of 145."


Edit: Note to myself: The Sl*tcracker Burlesque! Appearing Live @ The Somerville Theater Dec12th-14th!
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