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My life is surreal sometimes.

Though hey, I hear Cartoon Network RickRolled the entire country during the Macy's parade [link via nikitangel].  [Speaking of references not everyone gets, LEM-Jeff was asking me about "fail" and I remembered this article jennyo had linked to a while back.]

I was making breakfast Thursday morning, and my phone rang.  I assumed it was Laurel, but it was actually Omar -- the guy I went on one really bad date with back in January and then ignored his calls afterward.  I was totally unprepared for any conversation with him, so I just didn't answer it.

About 4:40pm (we were finishing dinner), my phone rang.  Again I assumed it was Laurel, but no, it was Terry.
Terry: "Where are you?"
me: "At my parents' house."
Terry: "Okay.  I'll give you two minutes."
me: "What?"
Terry: "For hi and goodbye."
I went outside and he was in my driveway (with his son in the passenger seat -- he was like, "You've met my son," and I was like, "No," and he was like, "Really?  I thought you'd met before," and I said, "I've met some of your nephews, but I just meet whomever happens to be visiting the library when I happen to be there").

Laurel stayed over Thursday night, and my mom was getting out sheets for the other couch and I was like, "Those are my sheets!"  I was confused when I still hadn't found the sheets I had in college when I moved out of my old apartment, but the fact that they were living at my parents' house explains that.  (So when we headed back to the city, I took them back with me.)

We ended up staying through Saturday afternoon.  Ever since I moved out I've only been home for at most an overnight visit, so I think this is the only time I've been back for a visit that surpassed 24 hours (my visits usually don't even hit that, since Singspiration for example I'm back for dinner and then gone after lunch).  It felt really comfortable and easy, which I appreciated.

I often say, "I was raised by wolves" (usually in the context of not standing on ceremony) so my mom emailed me after I'd gotten back to my apartment: "Did laurel enjoy her time at the wolf den?"  When I told Laurel this, she said, "I really appreciate your parents and brother putting up with me.  It was nice to pretend to be part of a family for a little bit."  That kind of killed me.  (Her parents are back in L.A.  I don't know what it's like to only see my parents twice a year, so for all that I say I feel plenty connected to my parents with minimal meatspace contact, I can't say how much that's aided by the fact that I do see them -- albeit briefly -- with some frequency and I do know that anytime I wanted to I could go see them easily.)
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