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On Saturday, my mom said, "If you don't update your LiveJournal I'm going to go into withdrawal."

I couldn't even tell you what I did at work most of this past week, but I really was working most of the day every day.  Friday like 2 or 3pm I had finished everything that really needed to be done and I wanted a nap.  Hopefully there were will be fewer late night comfort sessions this week.  I am really looking forward to that week off between Christmas and New Year's.

Somerville UCC is doing a 15-20min prayer service every weekday morning during Advent at 7am.  I am debating whether this would be good for me or not.

Oh, and I want to go to the Back Bay Chorale's "An 18th-Century Christmas" (Saturday Dec. 20 @ 8pm -- there's also Sun. Dec. 21 @ 3pm); I have friends in it, plus it sounds appealing -- "Enjoy selections from Handel's Messiah, Bach's glorious Mass in B Minor, the gem-like Christmas Concerto of Corelli, and Vivaldi's Gloria.  Then lend your own voice to our traditional carol sing!"  I could just buy my ticket now, but on the off chance that anyone wants to come with...


[Wed] 45min treadmill, 4.0mph, 1.0 incline
[Thurs] ~20min weight room
[Fri] 45min treadmill, 4.0mph, 1.0 incline


Saturday I read [Newsweek] My Turn: Confessions of a Fat Runner.  That night I dreamt I was jogging the Boston Marathon, barefoot (but painless), and I kept getting interrupted -- including by hedy who was telling me about a job she got involving purses.


The music video for Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" makes me uncomfortable.


Wednesday SquawkBox: Rick Santelli talked about how markets get conditioned, like Pac-Man where you eat something and that opens up zones and Becky Quick was nodding her head, talking about the ghosts flashing.

They were gonna have bond guy Bill Gross (PIMCO) on later, and asked Rick what he wanted them to ask him.  He said, "The markets give me all the answers I need, so ask him about global warming."


I saw a blogpost titled Harvard's endowment loses the GDP of a small country in 5 months.  I wasn't sure whether to giggle or feel depressed at that framing -- both, I suppose.

Clicking on Matthew Yglesias' "Harvard" tag,
Out of Town News

Speaking of smoking, the confidence in the economy of America's elite is sure to be shattered by the news that Out of Town News, the newstand smack in the middle of Harvard Square, is shutting down. The internet had basically made its core business model obsolete some time ago. The general idea, as witnessed by the name, was that you could buy all kinds of "out of town" publications there, thus serving the news needs of the university's geographically diverse community. But people still buy other stuff — I used to buy cigarettes there, and sometimes Diet Coke (but soda's cheaper at the university vending machine), but I think cigarette retailing is a declining industry as well.

Note that the closing of Out of Town News is part of the dystopian vision of The Handmaid's Tale.
That last line is of course a bit of a cheat since a big reason places like Out of Town News are shutting down is because there are other, cheaper, more easily accessible, ways for ordinary folks to get lots and lots of information from a variety of sources.
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