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First Weekend in December

Friday afternoon I finally got around to looking in my email for the confirmation email for my Messiah order to print out -- and was reminded that the Handel and Haydn Society mails you your tickets.  At the box office, however, the woman was like, "Oh, you misplaced your tickets?  I'll write you up new ones," and she checked our names off of some big computer printout list.  I forgot how cheap tickets are until I saw my confirmation email -- $15/ticket (not including service fees) for first balcony, back row, left-ish.  [H  27+28  CENTER  First Balcony]

During the first section I thought I'd try to just listen rather than reading along (since this is my 3rd year going) and yeah, that combined with tiredness meant I mostly slept through the first section -- which is all the Christmas stuff.  :(  Sigh.  The conductor (Paul Daniel) was really energetic and I tried to focus on him but yeah, tired.

One thing I hadn't really registered in the "Hallelujah" Chorus before (the part I bolded):
Hallelujah, for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.  The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Lord and his Christ; and He shall reign forever and ever.  King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  Hallelujah.  (Revelation XIX, 6; XI 15; XIX, 16)
    That idea that this world will be transformed -- which is interestingly in tension with Rapture ideas, and can map nicely into ideas of us being called to work to make.

Saturday I got up a little before 9am, went to Keegan's to get my watch battery replaced, showed up at UCN around 10:30.  (Fair -- which I'd agreed to help at -- was 9am-3pm.)  It was SLOW, and I like Carol but I didn't really have anything to talk about.
We got lunch around 11:45, and after my mom went back to relieve Carol I stayed chatting with my grandma, which was actually fairly painless.  When we finally went back the only people in the room were church people, so I decided I was fine to go to the ladies' room and walk around a bit.

At one point, Bev was in the kitchen sitting down and I went over and have her a back/shoulder massage (when she first saw me, right before we went to lunch, she said, "I DREAM about your backrubs").

Elsa said, "Why does she get a backrub?" and I said, "Uh, because she's sitting down?"  Elsa said, "But she's always sitting down."  After a while GinnyH sat down and I gave her a brief backrub.,  And when I went to say my goodbyes, Elsa was standing in front of one of the tables, so I gave her a brief backrub.  People joked that I should have my own table at the fair.  But just like I'm hesitant around the idea of actually doing it as a career... I like just doing it for people I like when I feel like it.

I left around 2:15 to give myself plenty of time to walk home, finish getting my stuff together, and walk to the train for a 3:05 train home.

I kinda wanted to hang around with people longer, but I wanted to go to UCC-Jenny's party at 7pm [which I found out about at Rest and Bread on Wednesday] and if I stayed in Norwood until the 5:05 train that wouldn't really leave me much turnaround time.

Jenny had guests from Spain, and they made this amazing tortilla -- like a potato quiche.  Also, she explained "tapas" to someone as "bar food," which makes so much more sense to me than the expensive stuff at, for example, Tapeo, that you're supposed to like order a whole bunch of and make like a meal out of.

I actually set a phone alarm so I would leave the party in time to meet Allie at Davis T since I'd never been to Kendall Square Cinema.  I could probably find the cinema on my own now that I've been once, which is nice.  Movie was about as expected.  Audience was initially excessively chatty and giggly, but they got better.  Costume and choreography were AMAZING.
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