Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I love my life sometimes.

At work today this guy came in and i asked him if i could help him because that is what i am supposed to do to people who walk by the desk but don't look like they really belong here. He looked fairly young, in nice casual clothes, carrying some folders full of papers. He looked a bit surprised, like he hadn't been expecting to be stopped and have to explain himself. "I'm here to check out the screens for the Art Department in your basement. Mind if I let myself down there?" he said, or something like that he said. "Oh yeah, that's fine," i said, feeling a little foolish even though of course i had only been doing my job. "I'm sorry, i thought you were a student or something." He looked down at himself and then said, "Cool!" like i had just paid him a compliment. I squee-ed inside. Love when things work out so nicely.

favorite LiveJournal post in a while (first paragraph)

In other news, is Friday the 13th and looks like Firefly may be cancelled. (so far, TimMinear.net and Zap2it)

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