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[T:TSCC] 2.12 "Alpine Fields" [2008-12-08]

David: "What were you doing on my computer?"
Lauren: "Looking at lesbian porn."

I love Lauren a lot.

"Don't confuse close with happy."

I was thrown that Lauren could tell her mom was fully dilated; Housemate pointed out that once she realized she was on the run with a pregnant woman that she probably did some research on birthing.  I don't understand how she's going to raise this baby and everything on her own on the run, but...


Sydney looked familiar.  Housemate pointed out that she looked like a young Winona Ryder.  I looked her up after the show and she was Quinn on Weeds.

I don't know Lauren from anything.  Anne was Sarah Jordan in the West Wing episode "The Midterms," which I vaguely remember after Googling,

David was played by Carlos Jacott -- Dobson on Firefly, Richard Straley in "The Bachelor Party" episode of Angel, and Ken in "Anne" episode of BtVS.


Edit: coffeeandink wrote: "I just love how this show undercuts the messianic readings even as it depends on them, the way it emphasizes the heroism of ordinary people, the adaptability of ordinary people, the networks of human interconnections. It's Buffy's true heir."

This reminded me of something I read after last week's episode -- which, okay, I finally tracked down and was another post by her -- "It's so terribly sad, when the librarian tells her he couldn't consider suicide because of what it would do to the people who love him. And so telling: that lack of attachment is what limits Cameron."

Also, I remain uninvested in Derek/Jesse, but for all that it was so cheesy, I liked Derek's "I was waiting for you" (when Jesse asked him what he was doing outside if he wasn't ready to die).

[I hadn't realized that the future is in Australia until Jesse said "Perth." IMDb says of the actress: "Her family moved to Australia when Stephanie was 12 years old," so I'm guessing her accent is real?]


Edit2: From the comments on coffeeandink's entry:
heresluck: I loved, loved, loved what that last shot says about Lauren: she doesn't automatically do what she's told, but she takes it all in, she thinks about it, she weighs the question of whom she should trust and about what (as she does when Sarah first appears in the house), and when she realizes Derek's right -- the medal's a target -- she takes it off. And she leaves it there for him to find, as a thank-you.

coffeeandink: Also, the medallion is for St. Jude, Patron Saint of the Lost, and Lauren isn't lost -- she's taking on a decisive role as her sister's protector, as Derek took on a role as Kyle's -- as well as shedding a weakness (target). Alternatively & also, she's leaving it with her mother, who is lost (dead).

radiotelescope : Yet another layer on the medal: "You people are targets. You fight. I will not be a target."
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