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“they've got implants to put in, they've got implants to remove”

Today i was wearing a white sweater. At lunch, Layna said i looked like a snowflake. I thought that was lovely. Then she said i really looked more like a pile of snow. “Honey, i think you should have stuck with ‘snowflake.’ ” Her explanation was that it was like that pile of snow when you’ve been shoveling for a really long time and you really should shovel it but you just want to fall into it, so you do. And then she tipped over and flopped onto my shoulder. I heart Layna.

After dinner we went to the student photography show on the second floor of the Art Library. Yay for beauty. And also for free chocolate and picking up a copy of Labrys, the literary magazine some people from my ENG 120 (Reading & Writing Short Poems) class last fall put together this fall.

On our way over there i mentioned the Eric Carle Museum. Layna and i have to go over to Hampshire to visit it some time next semester. She hasn’t been on the Hampshire campus. I told my story about frolicking there with Joan one night while waiting for a bus and she said that was one of her favorite LiveJournal entries of mine.

My boots are possibly the noisiest shoes in existence. At least when one is walking on asphalt in an almost empty campus. Echoing. Walking back from the show Layna said it sounded like horses and she liked it. I’m glad. I love that so many random things i say or do or whatever bring her joy and turn into things of beauty.

On our way up the stairs we passed Alison and Mariel and Alison informed that i was a vampire in her dream last night, but when i had long hair, “it was very strange.”

And the last bit of beauty for this post is thanks to antheia thanks to quotes:

I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
and that necessary

-from “Variation on the Word Sleep” by Margaret Atwood

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