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[T:TSCC] 2.13 "Earthlings Welcome Here" [2008-12-15]

Seeing future!Riley scavenging, I was reminded of Oyceter saying after last week's episode, "And it is particularly nice getting a wider view of who's left after Judgment Day; not everyone is a fighter (?)."

When Riley was in Jesse's hotel room, I got the sense that she had never seen any of these things before, but I wasn't sure if I was misreading.

Riley to Jesse on her first day of school: "The woman in the store said I'm an autumn.  I've never even seen autumn."

The future flashes are 2025, right?  And I forget when Judgement Day is, though I wanna say 2012 (if not earlier), but even if it's 2009 (which it can't be -- 2010, maybe) that would make Riley barely 17.  Though I suppose she could be up to about 5 when it happens and not really have any memories of it.  And since she is supposed to be a teenager, it makes sense that Jesse would pick someone who's actually a teenager.

Cameron: "I'm thinking of getting one [a tattoo].  A tiger or a wolf.  I haven't decided."

Riley has this almost girl-crush on Jesse -- her line about getting an apartment "together"...

Part of me thinks, "You lived your whole life post-Judgement Day and you can't handle it after a few months of pre-?"  But there's something different about just living in the only thing you've ever known versus being thrown into something exponentially better than everything you've ever known and knowing exactly when (soon) and how (horribly) it's going to end.


I thought Ellison had lost his religious faith after the massacre of the 20 FBI agents.

Interesting about the baby.  People have talked positively about how this show reverses gender norms (Charley as caregiver, for example) but given what a volatile issue abortion is, it makes me a little uncomfortable.  But it is really interesting -- the added layers of his having wanted to have a lot of children, combined with his particular grief over the aborted baby (I know that "terminated" is the usual term for that, but interesting word choice in this show -- though I can't remember if Ellison knows that particular term for these killer robots from the future).


I called that the woman was Abraham when she first said that if Sarah wanted to know about Abraham she should come with her.

The air conditioner man... that was the first human Sarah's ever killed.  I hope that was worth it, Sarah.  I dislike her single-minded obsession around these three dots.  Yes this time it brought her to something that does sound connected to Skynet -- Terminator metal, etc. -- but that was like by chance.  And does she really need to have a psychotic break (dreams and sleepwalking are one thing, but the waking hallucinations?)?  I'm trying to decide whether the "drone" we see at the end of this episode looks like stuff we've seen in the future flashes or not.

Her line about "He's never doubted me before," about her son, I thought, "That's part of what growing up is: realizing that your parents are not infallible."  Yes, I know, her situation's rather unusual.


Edit: One more thought: When Jesse asks future!Riley her name, we never get the answer. Are we leaving the door open for her to be some baby we'll meet in this timeline?
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