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[Thursday] good day

This morning started out well, and the day actually continued so.

Greg was handing out containers of chocolate as thank yous.  (And my box was a pine tree one rather than a Santa one.  Win!)  I said, "Can I walk around my desk and hug you?" and of course he said yes.  [Bonus: I opened it up later and they're Lindt Lindor chocolates -- edit: and Hershey's Nuggets.]

I sent out the final round of interview confirmation emails today (with the specific room information and etc.).
One candidate replied: "Thank you very much for your efficient scheduling of the interviews."
I emailed Ian, "Is it bad that "efficient" is one of my favorite compliments to get (in a work context)?"

I ordered something I'd been meaning to order for a while and ended up ordering a whole bunch of bunus stuff.  Hopefully it'll turn out to be worth it.

Cate and I had lunch today, which was nice as always.  She's taking a grant-writing class next semester and I was like, "Where offers that?" and she said Harvard Extension School -- which I figured had to be where she was taking it, but I asked what department that could possibly be under.  "Communications."  I have not-quite-sworn that I'm not taking any extension school classes next semester, but I do want to keep that in mind.  It's not so much a relevant job skill at my particular place of employ (and I have no plans to leave my current place of employ), but it does feel like something I should think about as a useful skill.

I came back to a note on my desk chair from Prof.B. saying, "Let's discuss."  I was like, "Am I in trouble?"  No, he had made a photocopy of the thing he wanted me to work on ... and left it on the copier, despite having already left a note on my desk chair.

Walking to Harvard Square from work, I chatted with Emily-in-Strategy and Sofie (sp?) who was actually in one of my first trainings when I started here, quit, and is now back as a temp while someone's out on medical leave.  (And on the T I chatted with Paul-from-IT.)

At Harvard Station, the Boy Scouts had free samples of homemade chocolate fudge (dark and milk).  It was tasty and so I bought some even though my mommy makes awesome homemade fudge and the Boy Scouts have a dodgy policy on gays (I considered asking the guy at the table about that, but decided against it).

I then couldn't find my CharlieCard+ID, so I bought a ticket, but after I got out at Davis I found them in my hoodie pocket -- I must have just shoved them into my hoodie pocket when I got sidetracked by fudge.

I went to the UCC's Advent Outreach, partly just 'cause I like the people, but also because I didn't go to Rest and Bread last night and I wanted to see Laura Ruth.  She said they'd missed me and that it felt so weird to have a Rest and Bread service without me.  *heart*  They were handing out stars (metal ornaments) and so now I have a nice green star (in the light it had seemed purple, but it's still pretty).

I hadn't realized that they were predicting a snowstorm like unto last year's until the Dean's office called this morning to reschedule B's meeting previously scheduled for tomorrow.  Susan was like, "Because of the ice..." and then B called me shortly thereafter to ask me to reschedule that and his other Friday afternoon appointment.  I was telling Laura Ruth (briefly and vaguely) about last year's snowstorm and getting sent home and that I didn't get to have a snowball fight and she asked  if I would get to have one this year, and I said no, saying "There's a long and complicated history around that" -- with the intended implication of, "Which I won't tell you right now, especially because I already said that I owe my best friend a phone call and so I should be heading out," but she jumped in with "Which I probably don't want to hear," and I said, "They passed you in your pastoral care classes and let you become a minister?"  I explained that I actually hadn't intended to tell her the long and complicated story at that moment and that I wasn't upset.  (It was weird to me, though, because she's usually so warm and open and welcoming and "tell me about you" with everyone.)

Talking to Jess at CAUMC tonight, apparently I have turned into one of those people who has actual conversations with people about their gym routine.

I've been accepting rides home from CAUMC for weeks now, and I don't like that being that person.  It gets me home in half the time, but I still futz around and get to bed later than I should, and I like the extra time with people but I also like being a person who walks home most of the time.  Before this, I had literally accepted a ride home once -- in really bad ice.

When I got home, I saw a box on the porch.  I thought all my housemate's Christmas gifts had come already, and then I saw it was addressed to me and had the fleeting thought of, "There's no way the order I placed today arrived today, even with same-day shipping," and then I saw it was from Sees Candies Inc. and I realized it must have been the gift Laurel mentioned.  [My immediate thought after that -- which entry I cannot now find to link to ... I really need to finish backtagging stuff, esp. now that so much stuff is retroactively locked -- was of Ian buying me some as a thank you for all my help the year we hired him. Edit: With cross-referencing research, I found it; I was conflating it with entries like this and thinking I had blockquoted a note, so I didn't initially register it visually when I was scanning entries.]
Elizabeth, thank you for helping Lauren move Sat. Happy Holidays and New Year!
The box was misleadingly large (had lots of packing peanuts) but still contained a 2lb box of See's Candies and an 8oz box of See's Candies Truffles.


[Tues] <30min in the weight room
[Wed] 45min on treadmill (4.0mph, 1.0 incline)
[Thurs] 30+min in the weight room
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