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I wasn’t going to post until i finished my mythology paper, but that didn’t work out.

My computer (mostly Corel) has been really cranky tonight. *pets it* I have taken that as a sign that i should turn it off and go to bed and then get up early and do more work. But since i’ve been writing an LJ post o’ randomness while pretending to write my myth paper anyway, i figured i’d post it.

I am considering doing the meme which is going around wherein you write a comment for each person on your friendslist, only you don’t say who the person each comment goes with is. Mine would have a lot of “I’m sorry we don’t talk as much as we used to” and a lot of “I don’t really know you.”

I really enjoy spending time with Lauren and Annie. I should do it more often.

I am so excited about break (the 3 weeks home and the 2 weeks back here) and the summer (Oxford!) that i keep forgetting about second semester, like it takes me a minute to remember what classes i’m taking.

I love Layna so much. She said this morning that we have completely different ways of thinking about everything, which i suppose is true but isn’t something i think about much. (Incidentally, amusing story of the day is that this morning i came down to brunch and hugged Layna and she said, “We’re talking about how much better the world would be without boys. Get some food. You’ll need your energy.”)

I now possess numerous mp3s of “Walking in Memphis,” though the Marc Cohn original is still the best. (Layna, send me the mp3 Emi sent you when you get back, please? *makes puppy-dog eyes*) Played them all on repeat, along with a few other random mp3s i downloaded, for probably an hour. One of the reasons i am so glad i no longer have a roommate. (And speaking of downloading things, thanks to trijinx for pointing out audio clips from Whedon shows as well as Firefly screencaps and other stuff -- i think i got that second link from you anyway.) [edited to add something amusing from TwoP]

Allie makes h-o-t-t art. She also offers me gratuitous ego boosts. *grin*

That is all for now.

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