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[gym] I did ~30min in the weight room.


My mom emailed me:
FW: WBZ-TV & TV38 Morning Update

How NOT to deal with New England winters

Man Burns Home Melting Ice With Blowtorch

New Bedford fire officials say a homeowner using a blowtorch to melt ice on his back porch set the home on fire causing up to $30,000 in damage.

Rich stopped by during lunch and joked with MaryAlice about Festivus.  I said that at the holiday party I went to last night, someone was like, "So, Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, what else are we celebrating?" and Nick (?) said, "Christmuhanukwanzukah," and I said, "Festivus," even though I've never seen that Seinfeld episode nor do I even like Seinfeld.  Relating this conversation reminded me that I had meant to look up when Kwanzaa actually is.


I went to the OSS holiday party around 5.  Because it had been rescheduled from Friday, turnout was much lower than usual.  I know most of the OSS guys, but it's not like we're friends, and I'm no good with small talk anyway, so I mostly stood around.  I started off with a Parrot Bay (passion fruit & mango) and then had a glass of the punch Rey had put together, which was really tasty but after I finished that in the first hour as well (Rey said, "I see you, drinking that like it's water") I said I was done, " 'cause the more I drink, the more I wanna make out with people."  Ramone goes, "get this lady another drink," which, yes, is funny, but as I said after I finished my second glass of punch (which I nursed for about an hour), "There's nobody here who's gonna make out with me, so..."  I'm not really good with that kind of joking around 'cause I'm often not intuitively good at reading the serious-ness level, and I also often don't find it all that fun to engage if it's not actually serious.

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  You wait and watch and work: you don't give up."
--Anne Lamott

[at least] Five good things about today:
  1. The sidewalk on my side of Pagano Bridge was all cleared!  The traffic's been minimal enough that walking in the road hasn't been a big deal, but it's still nice.  And the street itself at that intersection (Boston Ave. and College Ave.) is much more clear than it has been, which is also good.
  2. Andy asked if I had two stamps and I joked, "Yes, but I'll charge you double."  He gave me a dollar.  They're 42 cents now, so that's a 16 cent profit on 84 cents, which is 19%.  He said if I could do that with millions of dollars I could retire and get out of this hell hole (his words).
  3. Chatting with RA-Kate.
  4. Tofu stirfry!  Yesterday I waited in line behind 3 people and then when I went to order was told, "We're out of tofu."  I was like, "What?"  So I got risotto, which while tasty was not as filling as I had been seeking.  But I successfully obtained tofu stirfry today.  Yay!  (I also splurged on the overpriced "Belgian" hot chocolate.)
  5. BEAUTIFUL weather!  I walked outside both times I came back from Shipping and Receiving during the workday, plus coming back from lunch.  At 2:05pm, weather.com said for Boston 27F (feels like 19F, though I'm not sure where they're getting that from, as it said an 8mph wind from the W).  Bright blue sky, and I just had my sweater on and I was so HAPPY.
  6. I was on del.icio.us and read "Five times Greta Salpeter questioned her straightness" and the first time Greta said, "Victoria," I did a double-take.  I then Googled for pictures of Vicky-T and ended up listening to streaming music on her MySpace.
  7. I can has loaner laptop!  I srsly almost forgot about this, but TSS-Mike called a little before 3:30 about dropping by.  Backpack carrying case and everything.  Which is actually kind of awkward because I'd been considering just bringing a carry-on backpack's worth of clothes and stuff, but I'll figure it out.  I'm also still not a fan of laptop keyboards (esp. the touchpad instead of a mouse), but what can you do.
[at least] Three things I did well today:
  1. I finally called the Kuwaiti hotel (something I'd been putting off since early November because I'm a failboat).
  2. Binders = done and mailed out!  I sent out the final pre-SF email to the faculty, outlining everything I've taken care of.  (I gleed to mjules and she said, "Hee! *gives you a gold pin*")
  3. I remembered about the address correction project B had left for me the other day and worked on it instead of surfing the Net (and FINISHED -- 4:56pm ... though possibly I should have been more thorough about flagging the ones I couldn't figure out [I was working off a photocopy of a hand-corrected list] ).
  4. I picked up gift wrapping/packaging materials at Papyrus -- overpriced, yes, but because it's on my way I'm much more likely to actually do it then trying to make a separate trip to somewhere else.
[at least] Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:

["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
  1. Last day of work before vacation!  In past years I've been like, "Yeah, vacation, that's nice," but over the past month or two I keep being like, "I really need a vacation."
  2. Christmas Eve service at UCN.
  3. Doing laundry, including sheets, so I can put flannel sheets on my bed for when I get back after Christmas.
  4. Possibly getting my hair cut, because it's really bothering me.  It won't curl under properly (in large part, of course, because I can't be arsed to do the work necessary to fully style it before or after the gym) and doesn't have much body, and so I've been really annoyed at how it looks.
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