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Happy Boxing Day

Laurel says she likes having people to come home to.  I, in contrast, enjoy not having to deal with anyone.  By mid-afternoon today I was kind of wanting people around, though.  I think in part because I was feeling nostalgic for some bits of this time last year, so being alone wasn't the best thing ever -- though I have sufficient distance or whatever that I wasn't emo or anything, just somewhat nostalgic.

I went outside to bring in the recycling bin and the mail, and it was really quite lovely, but it didn't motivate me to actually put shoes on (I'd gotten dressed, I was just in slippers rather than outdoor-appropriate-footwear) and go anywhere.  As the day progressed, I added items to my grocery list, but I decided that erranding could be for tomorrow.  (I did laundry and dishes, so I wasn't completely unproductive.)

I ate a huge amount of chocolate (I did not consume the entire tray of Ferrero Rocher, but I came close).  I choose to blame this on my period starting.  (And I did consume real food, too.)

Bonus phone call from the bff (ostensibly to make made plans for Wednesday -- which we did accomplish during the conversation -- but also nice just to chat).


Yuletide recs (round 1)

[xkcd] The Amazing Adventures of Hat Guy and the Girl Who Stole His Hat
    I don't read this comic regularly enough (though I probably should) to get the in-jokes, but this feels so perfect.

[Calvin and Hobbes] the sandwich story
    Calvin growing up.  So true-feeling.  The subtle hints that Calvin doesn't always notice at the time, and the gut-punch moments when he does.  Also, well-played secondary characters.

[Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead] Metamorphosis
    Wow.  This source text is HARD to fic for, but this feels perfectly in keeping with the source text -- the shifting and the uncertainty and the anachronisms and the philosophizing and the character dynamics.

[Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series] A Land So Wild and Savage
    I haven't thought much about these books since I read the first couple back when I was a kid, but the tone/feel of this fic feels right.  Spare and evocative, but also very tangible (?).  Charles seeking open land, and balancing that with his obligations to and care for his family.

[Aladdin (movie)] Whole New World
    Okay, THIS is the first Yuletide fic of the year to make me cry.  It's Genie, after the story ends, and it's full of wit and humor and kindness and grief.

[Into the Woods] Stepmotherhood
    This is a lovely look at Cinderella making her way with the people who are left after the story is over.

[Beauty and the Beast (Disney movie)] What Became of Marie La Fleur
    A lovely look at how one of the trio of sisters (the one in the green dress) might change after the end of the movie.  Realistic and hopeful.


I kept hopping onto del.icio.us to see what people said about whatever fic I was reading (I am often bad at articulateness and so I crib from other people) and then got distracted browsing people's deliciouses more generally.  This means I found (a recipe for) Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies [via farfarbetter].
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