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I quipped to my mother that she would only miss me if I didn't update LiveJournal.

Usually when I visit the library, it's on a Saturday and like no one's there.  But today I got to talk to Michele for like an hour, and said hi to Jane briefly (she was on her way out when I got over there) and also talked to JeanH (UCN) for a while -- and bumped into MikeF on my way out.  [Edit: Oh, and when I got off the Red Line at South Station I saw Rich from work -- heading to the Silver Line to the airport.]

On the Red Line home, there were these two guys (in their fifties maybe?) enjoying Gummie Bears, and when I agreed that Gummie Bears are yummy, the guy sitting across from me told his companion to give me one.  I declined, saying they have gelatin and I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat them, though I used to when I was a kid and I remember they were tasty.  I felt bad making the guys feel guilty, but they were really good-natured about it.
Tags: small world, travel: adventures in public transit
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