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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"let the walls fall down..."

So, I went to MCC SF as extra surprise bonus church tonight at 7pm, and who knew that would end up being my favorite of my church experiences this weekend? I walked in and got welcomed -- in a way which felt very welcoming. And when I walked in to the sanctuary I got handed a program and I almost said to the usher, "Thank God! you have bulletins!" There was a lot of praise music opening the service, but I could follow the melodies better than I could at Glide. And there was EPIPHANY and PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE and COMMUNION and COFFEE HOUR.

6-axis writeups of all 3 churches to follow ... hopefully in a moderately timely fashion.

And people talked to me at coffee hour. And I was able to catch the pastor afterward and talk to him and he allayed some of my concerns about the slant of the service (which weren't huge to begin with), which was bonus. And one of the nice guys who had chatted me up invited me out for sushi with a bunch of folks -- which turned into just getting drinks because most people weren't hungry ... and so I ended up at Harvey's (on Castro St.) with a half a dozen young gay men, all drinking water or tea, and dispersing around 10:15pm 'cause we were tired. And for the most part, being around them was easy and comfortable. If I lived here, I would totally hang out with these people.

That was a really good ending to my time here. I'm glad I got that. I think I needed that.

Lord I lift Your name on high
Tags: church: ca: sf: mcc, travel: california: san francisco: 2009

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