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Blessed Epiphany

People keep saying "Happy New Year," which continues to throw me.  It threw me when people said it at church on Sunday, when the flight crew said it today, and when coworkers said it today -- though today actually makes sense because I haven't seen these people since 2008.

I didn't really wanna go to work this morning, but I went to the gym* (duh), changed into my bright red sparkly button-down shirt and sadly-pocket-less grey slacks, returned my loaner laptop, got some breakfast (I was not gonna pick up milk on my way home last night, so no cereal for me this morning), and booted up my computer.  I'd been keeping an eye on my work email all through the break -- though admittedly ignoring anything that didn't look related to SF -- and by like midafternoon I was in a good, accomplishing, liking my job, mood.  And I only had to tell the story of "the fuckup that ruined Saturday" (though I was more subdued than that in sketching what had happened) a few times.

* [gym] 45min treadmill, 4.0mph, 1.0 incline  (I was pleased that it felt usual -- that it wasn't this huge battle after having been away for nearly two weeks.)

In between work stuff, I messaged various people about plans and felt all excited and happy in that way that the prospect of social interaction makes me in the best of times.

MaryAlice said she'd gotten a Paperwhite and asked, "Is that the same as narcissus?  [off my look]  You don't know, but you'll look it up."  I laughed.  (And she was right.)

Katie had not actually left when I went by her desk at the end of the workday, so we actually got to walk home together.  I can't tell you the last time that happened.  She was gonna come back from Maine the Monday after Christmas but ended up staying through New Year's -- which given how my week played out was actually fine.  But we are maybe having dinner on Friday.  We were both really glad to see each other again, and when we parted she initiated a hug.

I stopped by Alexander's (corner store) on the way home to pick up milk, and they had good bananas, so I picked up some of those as well.

I came home, and my housemate said, "I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that you have a package on the kitchen table; the bad news is that the oil bill came."  (Though the oil bill really wasn't bad.)  I was confused as to why I had a package, and then I picked it up and saw the return address and remembered.

From our chat on Mon, 12/15/08:
mjules (4:57 PM):  Dishes are washed, the rest of the holiday cards are all set up to address and go. (I mailed several today. Yours was not among them because a small package is accompanying yours.)
Elizabeth (4:58 PM):  I get a package? Aww.
mjules (4:58 PM):  Nothing terribly ground breaking, but it reminded me a bit of you. It will likely end up being something that just clutters up your house/desk.
mjules (4:59 PM):  *grin*
Elizabeth (4:59 PM):  *laughs*

The card (and inside message) is beautiful, and the gift is a Books-a-Million Book Lover's 2009 Calendar -- which purpose, according to the package, is providing a book recommendation each day ... so, not useless, and will only clutter up my space temporarily :)

And la bff is safely arrived home.


[on the lj-pocalypse] While I dislike the lack of severance pay, I am not actually concerned that this signals the eminent demise of LJ.  Though backups are always a good idea (see here, for example, for various options).


I've heard about saveours00j (mostly from having catvalente on StalkerPin) but hadn't really looked at it.  This evening, my housemate told me they were selling a limited edition anthology (literally, they will stop selling it once expenses are met) with contributions from Neil Gaiman, Francesca Lia Block, and Catherynne M. Valente, among others, and that I should buy one because she'd already donated money and so didn't have the budget to buy one but if I bought one then she could read it after I was done :)  [Comments in the post mention that some of the contributions, like the Gaiman, are reprints, but I still ordered a copy.]  Later, yuki_onna posted about it.  She mentioned that the anthology comes out on s00j's birthday and said, "can you even imagine an anthology for your birthday? One that will heal you and make you whole? I cannot begin. "


Gaza can has truce?  Only a proposal right now, so it is arguably the sort of news that isn't, but still.
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