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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[gym] 45min treadmill, 4.0mph, 1.0 incline

HBS FA "brunch" this morning.  I had like a plateful of scrambled eggs -- and some fruit.  Apparently enough food that I actually didn't feel up to having lunch and just split a Three Musketeers with Greg around quarter to one.  (And gummy letters at like a quarter to four.)

I did some easy task for FUH and he emailed me, "U R the best!"  Adorable.

Max walked up to my desk, holding a basket of bright flowers, and said, "I'll trade you."  I asked if my dead roses bothered him that much and he said he guessed they must since he mentions them so often.  He said honestly he was regifting these flowers 'cause he thought they might aggravate his wife's allergies.

I think God for the grace of emotional detachment.  One friend's relationship angst has been reminding me of a dysfunctional relationship which has thankfully since healed, and now another friend's relationship angst is reminding me of a dysfunctional relationship I've been watching for years.  (Except, per tonight's email, the latter are back to being good.  Response email and then bed, I swear.)  And I've been able to listen and offer advice/support and not feel emotionally drained myself.

I got <3 hours of sleep last night and totally didn't crash at all except the first half of CAUMC discussion group (8pm) I dozed off.

Happy-making things today included the latest from the the "Women in Media Convention" [nods solemnly].

I got a spam email with Subject line "Treat your lady like a gentleman."  Yeah, the way I initially parsed it was not the way the spammer intended.
Tags: gymming it up, people: h: fuh

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