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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[question of the day] cursive

This morning as I was leaving the weight room, I heard Dana say, "You learn cursive in elementary school and then you never use it again." I turned around and laughed 'cause, hello, connected letters are so much easier/faster. Joe (one of the other trainers) was all *fist-pump of victory* He said that everyone's been telling him recently that nobody writes in cursive, that it's "old-school," so that's his question of the day that he's been asking everyone -- "Is cursive 'old-school'?" I said, "Well, you have my vote as a random 25-year-old." Dana laughed and was like, "Okay, you two win; I lose."

So obviously I am asking LJ :)

Poll #1348120 cursive

Is cursive "old-school"?

Tags: polls

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