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// Guide my feet, hold my hand //

So, Trelawney emailed the CAUMC group a link and said:
i think laurie would have liked this. and she was always sending me things like this. she leaves a big, big hole.
Trelawney was at CAUMC for years before I was, and I still don't know most of the people at the church since I just do Thursday night young adult small group, so I didn't think anything of this.

But then Meredith replied:
Thank you for sending this out, Trelawney.

If you haven't heard yet, Laurie Anderson passed away unexpectedly last Saturday. We will miss her dearly. Her memorial service will be Saturday February 21st at 10am.

If you would like to be a part of the choir for her service, please let Linda or Judy know - we're likely going to sing Precious Lord, Take My Hand, that we sang on Sunday morning. A fitting tribute to a dedicated singer.

Peace be with you.
I was like, "Wait, WHAT?!" This indicates to me that it's the Laurie/Lourey I've met a few times (singing was like breathing for her).

I feel really shell-shocked.

I am reminded of carlyinrome's (flocked) post last night.

(A later thought was, "I was gonna be in Norwood that weekend." I want to go to the memorial service, though. I'll either take the last train home after Singspiration or the first train Saturday morning.)

Edit: I'm also now debating whether where I really wanna be tonight is CAUMC instead of The Crossing.


Edit2: Meredith emailed:
No, that's Lourey. Laurie Anderson was the petite one about my parents' age who has been singing alto for the past year.

Sorry for the confusion!
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