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[NOFBS] Judges 4-5: Deborah and Jael

Sean canceled group tonight 'cause he was sick, so instead I went to FCS' "New Old-Fashioned Bible Study."

From the Nov. 12, 2008 Announcements (it happens to be sitting on my desk... for reasons that are unclear to me):

Bible study is an excellent way to grow your faith and to develop your own ideas and interpretations.  This study is "Old Fashioned" because it promotes the biblical literacy important to our Congregationalist heritage, but "New" because it takes a contemporary approach that values the various interpretations of those in attendance without judgment or dogma.  The Bible is a light and source of wisdom -- come be a part of this journey together!
Hello Friends,

This is your last chance to attend NOFBS before we take a break for Lent! Tonight at 7 pm in the church office we'll be continuing our topic of women in the Bible and will be looking at Deborah, a judge and prophetess of ancient Israel before the era of Kingship. No need to read ahead of time, but we will take the first ten or fifteen minutes to read chapters 4 and 5 or the Book of Judges. Hope to see you tonight!

We read Chapter 4 and then talked about it and then got off on various tangents -- how women are frequently in positions of power in these stories but it's somewhat dodgy because there's the subtext that getting defeated by a woman is shameful; about the book of Judges in general (I know basically nothing about it) and how Joe finds Israel before the Kings/Temple far more fascinating than after, and how they were a nomadic people with a mobile God and how there was a resistance for a long time to having a Temple (which I hadn't realized/had forgotten) and so on.  After about 45 minutes we closed in prayer.


In other news, Joe is ignoring the Transfiguration lectionary to preach on the Isaiah "Is this not the fast I have chosen?" passage this coming Sunday as a pre-Lenten message :)

Edit: In awesome news, the CWM Weekly News just popped into my Inbox, and it says this Sunday Tiffany "will be preaching on the transfiguration and Mardi Gras, looking at the masks we wear in our relationships with God and each other."
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