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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"standing in the gap"

Friday night I was cheerfully telling everyone I was "good," and I was doing basically the same thing yesterday -- because I had no desire to try to boil down my two primary stressors to something easily comprehensible and fit for public consumption.

This morning, after Sunday School, Emily was chatting with me, and I said I'd been having a rough few days and gave her the sanitized version of, "A friend of mine and I have been important but difficult conversations about our relationship, but he's on vacation now, so the timing was really bad, and I'm concerned that I dumped too much negative stuff on him in my last email, and finding that appropriate balance is hard..." and she didn't entirely get it, but she was sympathetic and interested in having a genuine conversation, which was really nice especially from someone who barely knows me.  And talking out things (even in the requisite vague way) was helpful to me.

re: how he's on vacation in the middle of this conversation, she said that we're in Pause Mode, which I thought was a really apt descriptor.  She said (entirely innocently) it was like when you're first dating someone -- that uncertainty as to whether they're gonna reply to you or whatever.  Ha ha.

[I was thinking later about how last year I ended up weeping Ash Wednesday morning -- which apparently I didn't mention in the entry; wow Ash Wednesday was early last year.]

My facebook status says "Elizabeth is practicing patience (again)."

This then got me singing the Gabe Dixon Band's "All Will Be Well" (though the line is actually "I am practicing my purpose once again").
Even though sometimes this is hard to tell
And the fight is just as frustrating as hell
All will be well
As I walked up College Ave. (in misting rain, which made me happy) after Reunion, Gary and Andrea were walking down, and we greeted each other.  Gary told me that FCS was having an 80's Prom tonight from 6-8pm.  I'd seen the announcements and knew it was a Mardi Gras sort of thing.  I said I thought I'd pass, but, "have fun."  Gary said, "not as fun without you there," and I smiled and thanked him (genuinely, 'cause it really was a sweet thing to say).

Oops, I was scheduled to be lay reader at CHPC today.

Leaving CWM tonight (about quarter past eight) it was snowing -- big flakes which looked pretty in the streetlights.

I hadn't heard from L. since we had lunch last Monday, and I don't have anything to smalltalk about, and I was gonna email her about the status of this coming Friday's Lilith meeting but I've been kind of worn out.  She called a little while ago, so I feel less bad about the fact that I was up past my bedtime doing church writeups.
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