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We know i’m home because i’m hardly ever online.

So on Saturday i went to this parody show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s High School Reunion. On the way up Harrison Ave., a guy was walking next to me. After a couple minutes of conversation he asked for my number. “No, i don’t think so,” i said politely, shaking my head. He kept asking and over the course of only about 5 minutes had told me “You look good/nice/sexy” each about twice, which was kinda weird because i was wearing my cool black boots, black jeans, and my Smith sweatshirt zipped all the way up, so it’s not like i looked real awesome or anything. Anyway, we revealed that i live about a half an hour out of town, but i go to school a couple hours west. He pointed out that he could drive out there, and at that point i knew he was not getting my number because there was no way that he was showing up at Smith. So then he turned off on a side street and i kept walking. Then he called out something and i turned and walked back toward him. We started talking again and he said “are you a virgin or something?” to which i responded defensively, “Yeah, so? Is that a problem?” He said something noncommital and then said, “so you’re not into sex?” “No. Not right now. I like just hanging out with my friends.” Our conversation ended quickly, for real this time. So yes, obviously this random South End boy -- Jason, age 21 -- did not get my number, but i was amused. And perhaps i should have been more worried or something, but whatever.

Turned out the show had been sold out for a week and that night, the last night of the run (although they said they might do it again in January, around the 24 or so) they actually had to turn away about a half a dozen people, but i got there like 45 minutes early just because of how the trains run and all, so i got on the waiting list and ended up being the last person they let into the house (and actually got a total front and center seat).

I had been worried that the show would be really mocking Buffy, but it was done by people who love the show and were just poking fun at it. I told one of the women working there that they should videotape it, and she said they had. "And with the selling," i added. She suspected that there might be liability issues, which i doubted, given that it's a parody, but then again, it is FOX.

On the train home i bumped into Evelyn, a sweet girl i’ve gone to school with since kindergarten and who lives up the street from me. We’d lost touch since graduation but decided we should really get back in touch. We talked about going to ImprovBoston together on Sunday, but that ended up not working out because she went to Lord of the Rings with her father and brother, but we may go another Sunday, or at least do something together before i go back to school.

So on Sunday i went to ImprovBoston (Sgt. Culpepper’s Improvisational Jamboree). Was much fun. The SIKOS were first and then the more established improv group, which was mostly a one-man show. Some of the SIKOS stuff was good, some of it better than the one-man actually. I saw Joan during intermission and finally got the money she owed me :) but she had to leave to go back to Connecticut. I stayed for the improv jamboree at the end, much of which was really good.

Joan said she wanted to see her name in my LJ entry a lot, “like every other word,” and for me to say she was good even if she wasn’t. (She didn’t do much, but she was indeed mostly good.) So here goes.

JOAN I JOAN really JOAN enjoy JOAN watching JOAN improv JOAN and JOAN after JOAN having JOAN seen JOAN the JOAN improv JOAN jamboree JOAN am JOAN tempted JOAN to JOAN actually JOAN try JOAN doing JOAN it, JOAN though JOAN only JOAN in JOAN a JOAN casual JOAN atmosphere JOAN such JOAN as JOAN that. So JOAN if JOAN Evelyn JOAN and JOAN i JOAN do JOAN go JOAN i JOAN think JOAN i’ll JOAN sign JOAN up JOAN for JOAN the JOAN improv JOAN jam JOAN.

I think i was supposed to include gratuitous praise of Joan as well. Um, she’s fun and entertaining and very intelligent and nice and one of my favorite people. And no i don’t lie in my LiveJournal.

See, don’t i take orders well. :)

Oh, and last bit. On the train home this time, i got to conversing with this random guy on the train. Charles, who looks about 23 but whose age i didn’t ask, who works at Beth Israel (where i was born) and lives in Windsor Gardens (an apartment complex in my town). I don’t think he’s really my type, but right before my stop he asked to exchange numbers so now he has my number at home though i doubt he’ll actually call, which really doesn’t bother me. (fun conversational bit: “Do you have a boyfriend?” “No.” “Really? Why not? I mean, you’re pretty and stuff.”)

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