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Pi Day

I feel like I've wasted so much of my day when I don't get up until noontime, but I thought sleeping in would definitely be a good plan.  I woke up at eight-something, and having gone to bed shortly after midnight that was less ridiculous than last Saturday but I still opted to go back to sleep, and continued opting to do so until about 11:40.

As I was having breakfast, I heard my housemate and her boyfriend in her room talking about various Christian denominations, and I walked over, laughing.  Her boyfriend said, in a laughingly defensive tone, "We're amateurs."

I cleaned up my desk some (it was getting to be a problem).

Entering 52 weeks worth of checks is tedious.  Total number of lines?  160.  And then I made a new sheet so I could sort and generate totals for individuals.  And then I did 2009 -- which I've been lazy and haven't been inputting as I go.  (I've been inputting the weekly totals, but not the individual checks which we need to generate letters for tax purposes each January.)  [I realized I've only been putting off this individual inputting for 3 weeks, which makes me feel less bad.]
     Lynne M. Baab in "Appreciating Spiritual Gifts: Session 2" says, emphasis mine, "People burn out in serving when they use their spiritual gifts too much or too little.  People who work in administrative jobs, even if they have the spiritual gift of administration, should probably not take on administrative tasks at church.  They will thrive better if they use other gifts in serving at church.  But a person with a gift of administration who doesn't use it at work and doesn't use it at church may well burn out trying to be a compassionate person or a server or a teacher.  In general, we should use our gifts most of the time, but we should also occasionally use areas in which we are not gifted in order to provide balance and opportunities for growth."  I think the "too much" is a valid concern, though I am not wholly on board.

I should have gone shoe-shopping today, as the soft coverings on the insoles of my shoes are wearing out and thus giving me blisters, but I really had to do CWM Financial Secretary work today ... and by the time I was done with that I didn't really feel like going out anywhere.  There's also some stuff I wanna pick up/look for at Tags.  I'm free after work on Monday, so I think that will be the plan for then.

I put in earrings, 'cause I'd been missing it a bit, plus I was beginning to worry a bit that my ears would irrevocably close up (I got my ears pierced at some point well into teenagerhood -- for years I had no actual desire to get my ears pierced but would often ask my mom if she would let me get my ears pierced, so I could confirm the veracity of the data point I was inserting into conversations -- and since then have often gone long periods without wearing any earrings, and I'm always able to push earrings back through when I'm back in an earring-wearing phase).

I keep forgetting to buy my plane ticket to WriterCon.  I think my plan is going to be:
(Thu 30-Jul-09) NW 1403
BOS-MSP 11:25am-1:54pm

(Mon 3-Aug-09) MSP - BOS
NW 1400 3:25 pm - 7:13 pm
I forgot that not leaving the house all day makes me feel sort of tired come early evening, which having gotten nearly 12 hours of sleep is somewhat frustrating.

I was telling Megan that it occurred to me the other day that I might be depressive/avoidant at work because I'm backburner fretting about Terry.  This connection hadn't occurred to me in part because I've mostly been feeling emotionally healthy/strong.  I was emailing back and forth with a friend this afternoon, and I started getting irritated, and instead of stewing, I took the opportunity to say something about that which was irritating me.  Yes, maybe I could have been more explicit about what I was and was not asking for in that moment, but I think that's balanced by the fact that I also didn't include a long list of caveats that would have basically exempted the other party from having to respond to my concern.  (Unsurprisingly, he still didn't respond, but I'm not freaking out about that -- which, again, emotional health/strength.)
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