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Kings 1.02 "Prosperity" [watched 2009-03-24 on nbc.com]

I didn't like this episode as much as the pilot. I am less interested in the struggles of running a country (I found myself reminded of parts of The West Wing, she says as a value-neutral statement) than in religion geekery.

Who’s the man who tells David "don't go" in that opening dream? My best guess was Eli, given how much his dead brother (and the potential for that death to have been worth something) was on his mind throughout the episode.

Jessie: "I don't want him to leave because I think he doesn't belong -- I'm afraid he does. [...] This one you protect from what WANTS to happen. He has a destiny. People with destiny, things do not go well for them. They die old and unhappy. Or young and unfinished."

David: "I'm gonna follow orders for once, keep my mouth shut and try to use the right glass."

David: " [...] near Port Prosperity."
guy from Gath: "You mean the Port of Sorrow -- we have a different name for it."
David: "My father died defending that land -- I try to call it by the name he did."

David tells Michelle (after she went to see his mom at the VA), "Everyone else in your family sends someone" and then says something about "fisher" and "mermaid" -- clearly I should have had the closed-captioning on.

Queen: "But that card's been played."
Michelle: "I'm not playing a card."
Queen: "But you should be."

We see over and over the Queen being so concerned about appearances (even moreso than Silas is). I wonder how she navigates the struggle between that and her actual emotions. I imagine that'll come up later (probably primarily in relation to Jack).

Rev. Samuel: "You look tired, David."
David: "I keep having bad dreams."
Rev. Samuel: "Disturbing?"
David: "No more than when I'm awake."
Rev. Samuel: "I always have bad dreams when I'm in the city. Shiloh."

This whole "Don't go" thing felt too Wonderfalls to me -- with it being really unclear what one was supposed to be reading those signs to mean.

Thomasina: "countryside?"
Silas: "No, Gehenna. We're going to hell."

David: "Why did he die if nothing good happens today?"
Jessie: "There's no meaning in his death, David, no benefit -- just pain."


prisoner: "I used to fight it, force the distinction -- is/isn't."

Silas: "I don't have that luxury."
prisoner: "No, you see too clearly. That can't be fun."

prisoner: "YOUR kingdom? Used to be half mine. Until Silas [...] Told them I was dead."

(I'm intrigued by Silas' statement that the prisoner's people cheered when he told them he was dead. This isn't a nice cut-and-dried "Silas did a bad thing.")

King of Carmel

prisoner: "30 years in a box and I never told you. Why today?"
Silas: "I could kill you."
prisoner: "You won't kill me. I'm the only one who ever tells you the truth."

I find that really interesting, the "I'm the only one who ever tells you the truth" (especially since, on reflection, it occurs to me that surely Samuels should play that role -- and seems happy to do so).

[Silas tears a photo in half]
prisoner: "She's alive?"
Silas: "[...] grown woman"

Did I mishear the "30 years" part? It would have to be someone who was a child when guy-whose-name-I-don't-know was overthrown and imprisoned -- though not so young that he wouldn't immediately recognize her as a grownup.

prisoner: "You waited all these years [...] ?"
Silas: "And you think YOU had patience?"

Silas: "She's not alone in the picture."

The prisoner says something like, "There are more of them?" I had assumed that the woman was his daughter or something, but this sounds more like survivors of a genocide or something.

I'm glad that we got to see some interaction between the Queen and her brother.

William: "This isn't your concern."
Queen: "Well it is when it spoils my plans."
William: "Your husband--!"
Queen: "My husband is a brat, but no more so than my brother."
Queen: "Your serve, the match has to end. You take his last play on the chin."

She doesn't dispute William's claims but she also dismisses them, looking at a bigger picture.

Queen: "When we banished Andrew from court? We had good reason. But he could find himself invited back. [...] It'd be nice to have you son around again, wouldn't you say?"

Lots of themes of family going on here -- and the ways that families get broken up due to political expediency, and the pain that causes.

Silas' conversation with Michelle suggests that she's the woman in the photo -- has some connection to the prisoner, which must never be revealed publicly.

David sees the kid with the "Don't go" sign ... and so he steals the cab -- and provokes an international fucking incident? I am not impressed by your thought processes, boy. Though it does give Silas one last opportunity to talk one-on-one with the head guy from Gath. . And I like that there are real grievances, that it's not just a tit-for-tat, a "We have always been fighting; we can't ever stop" (the Grangerfords and the Shepardsons -- Huckleberry Finn).

guy from Gath: "Gath IS our military, and a boy destroyed one of their tanks. They've been shamed."
Silas: "What's the real cost of real peace?"
guy from Gath: "Shiloh. The dream YOU gave them."

In going back over my notes to do this writeup, I was struck by how Rev. Samuels said that he always has bad dreams when he's in Shiloh, that there's something about the city. I wonder if Gath will have the same problems with their Shiloh or if they will be able to not make the same bad decisions Silas made (or if it's something inherent to the kind of city that Shiloh is -- a city that is, as Michelle alluded to in the previous episode, a testament to the sheer force of human will ... though God had been on Silas' side during that whole time, so certainly there is plenty about Shiloh's existence that is in line with the Divine Will).

Silas: "Port Prosperity -- I took it from you and built Shiloh. [...] Prosperity or the opportunity for it."

I was surprised that David didn't protest, didn't seem unhappy in any way. That land is right near his homeland, and it's going to be given over to the Enemy. Even if his biggest concern is peace and he has no problem with Gath per se, surely many of the people he knows from back home would be uncomfortable to say the least.

Silas: "Are you trying to get sent home, Captain?"
David: "No. I need to be here, sir. What you did today ... they don't understand what you've done. ... You've been chosen to be king for a reason. When I read the signs in my own life, they say I was sent here to help you."

Silas: "He acts in our favor. And fortune clearly favors him. Some people make me a stronger king."

I think David acts in the people's favor, helps the people. God has turned away from the King, but not from the People.

When the guy said, "Our man went radio silent after our order. It may be too late to stop him," I wondered if "our guy" was Jack (even though it wouldn't have made any sense for it to be him).

And the BIRDS save him -- and, of course, one took the bullet for him. (soundingsea commented, "Somehow, I'm thinking this show is going to be one flying critter after another anointing David for his specialness. Meh." Which, yeah, two eps in a row was more than enough of that -- though yes I was about as touched by the single dead bird as the writers surely wanted me to be.)
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