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7 years ago today I set up my LJ (thanks to athene for the invite code).

I don't know what to say about my LJ these days.

I tend to put my whole life on here (problematized first by my lack of time to write up everything), but around this time last year, I finally started friends-locking some of my LJ entries, and things often get redacted because I can't figure out how to talk about them in a way that's appropriate for the totality of the readership (be it public, locked, or filtered).  [I've grown resistant to giving out my LJ username to certain folks I know in meatspace because I've gotten used to talking about them/mutual acquaintances.]

Yesterday, via myHBS, I clicked over to the HBSnews twitter and read: "Problem: online sites constrain us to sending one 'signal' to many audiences acc. to Mikolaj Piskorski http://bit.ly/jjVWq "

I'd been thinking that idea recently but lacking that terminology.  Obviously there's always the email option, which I do sometimes utilize, but I like having everything recorded for myself (and definitely use the Private feature sometimes for that very reason), plus email contains more of a request for response (albeit an implicit one, and often one the sender doesn't intend) than a mass posting (this actually reminds me of the behavioral study on whether people are more likely to respond to a request for assistance when they're the only one being asked versus when a whole group is asked).

Recently I've been doing a lot of joy-sadhana-as-update, and I don't feel like my LJ is inherently interesting to anyone not already invested in me (and I imagine is rather boring to most people who already are friends with me, to boot).  And yet I've acquired new LJ friends recently.

I'm not sure what to say about who I am or what this LJ is.

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