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Passover is like Christmas?

This morning when I turned on the shower, I noticed there was something moving, like not just a clump of hair being moved around by the running water, but something moving of its own accord.  I put on my glasses and hey it was a really big multi-legged insect.  I let the water run until it was dead (which felt somewhat cruel, but no way I was squishing that myself) and then turned off the water and got a couple of papertowels and picked it up and dropped it into the wastebasket.  Oh, being a grownup.

I sat in on both of FUH's classes this morning (the first class he introduced me as his "extraordinarily competent and capable assistant"; the second class he neglected to introduce me, but I'm not fussed).  They did a version of the Win As Much As You Can exercise and then FUH talked about the Prisoner's Dilemma and Axelrod's work, and by the end of the second class I actually understood it (I'd read some about prisoner's dilemma and such before, but I hadn't really wrapped my head around it) and I have thoughts, but I seem to be in a period of not posting thinky stuff or substance.

At lunch today, I asked Greg if they were doing anything for Passover, and Laura asked what you do for Passover, and Greg's explanation didn't go how I would have done it, and I interrupted a little -- I think to help make it more comprehensible to the non-Jew -- and ended up taking over the explanation, which I'm fairly certain Greg was fine with.  (In retrospect I feel weirdly culturally appropriative.)  I said I like that Passover falls during Holy Week this year, and I rattled off various things about the Last Supper and Palm Sunday and the blood libel, and I love that Greg is interested in this even though the Christian history is not his history and he's not a religion geek like I am.  I boggle sometimes at what people don't know, though -- I mean, how can you grow up Catholic and look at me blankly when I say "the Exodus story"?  (It occurs to me now that if nothing else, haven't you seen The Ten Commandments?)  In the moment, though, I think I was really good at performing nonjudgmentalism.

P.S. Inclusivity ur doin it wrong? -- "Finale proudly introduces special bakery selections for Passover.  (These items are flourless or made with Matzoh cake flour; they are not Kosher.)"

Because I was at work at 8, I was gonna go to the gym at 4 (B had a meeting from 3:30-6) but B's meeting got canceled and I forgot about my plan to go to the gym until like 3:57 and even though B was in a different meeting which would likely last until the end of the day I felt kind of like I should stay in case stuff came up (I am lazy and avoidant, but also kind of committed) and then FUH came out gave me class-related tasks to do.  When he gave me the participation to input, he said that since I had attended the classes, if I noticed there was anyone who had spoken whom he hadn't marked, that would be incredibly valuable.  I had actually taken notes in the second class, so after I input all his participation marks I went back to my notes and wrote up the comments I had written down which hadn't gotten marked.  As I was finishing up, I realized it was like 5:03.  *shrug*  I feel like I spend so much time faffing about on the internet while I hang out at my desk waiting for someone to need me that I'm really not fussed about exact hours (and really, spending 3 hours sitting in class? it feels somehow like cheating that I get paid for that).

I've been emailing back and forth a bunch with L. and feeling on a really even keel, which I appreciate, especially since I find myself cranky with Someone.

I took the T with Allie this morning, and we caught up a bit, and at one point she asked, "So besides MuskratJamboree, how's life?"  As usual, I don't have an answer to that.  I know that I'm looking ahead to a lot of things and I should probably try to be better at being in the now -- and also observing Holy Week.
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