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"Stay here and keep watch with me..."

From Molly's email to the listserv this morning:
This morning at breakfast my three year old said to her grandfather, "Do you know what we goin' do on Easter, Grampa?" I braced myself for the inevitable litany of things the Easter Bunny was going to bring her.

"We're going to say (drops to sotto voce) hallelujah."

There is something to joy deferred.

There is something to going through hell, but knowing--knowing--you will come out the other side.

That is what Easter is for. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Today, we weep. The church has been swept of communion crumbs, for today we have no communion with God. We feel our aloneness, the aloneness of Jesus.
I winced at the "today we have no communion with God," because God is ALWAYS with us -- but I know that sometimes we (try to) push God away, turn away from God (and I remembered how Palm Sunday is also Passion Sunday, how we are both the processing crowd waving palm branches and the gathered crowd shouting "Crucify," how were are all the people in these stories), and that sometimes our pain is too great for us to be able to recognize or feel God (and I pray that in those moments -- as in all moments -- we may encounter incarnate persons who can be God With Us).


And her March 31 email:

this year on Good Friday, as last year, the sanctuary will be open from 7:30a-5:30p for prayer, chant, reflection, meditation. Deacons, ministers, others will be available throughout the day for healing prayer.

Last year I made a little booklet with some quotes, prayers and poems to aid in reflection on the themes of Good Friday. Jamie is putting it together again for us. Let's expand it: do you have a favorite quotation or poem for inclusion? Something you've written, or read somewhere?

If so, please send it to ME by this Friday. I'll collate them all and pass them along. To jog you, some of the themes of Good Friday are:

religious hypocrisy
mob mentality
bad news
the cross
fulfillment of prophecy
abiding trust in God
the betrayal by friends
the love and loyalty of a few, until the end
deep loneliness

It is terrible to see these themes, so starkly, as a list. But these are all real things in our lives, that need and deserve our attention, our casting them onto God, our casting our lot with Jesus.

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