Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"That's insane troll logic." (from the BtVS episode "Triangle")

Apparently seeing ads while at the gym for Anna Paquin's WWII movie and the Wolverine: Origins movie gives me weird dreams.

I went to bed around 9pm last night and woke up this morning not long after I would be getting up for work -- which in this case meant I got about nine hours of sleep.  I got up and puttered for a bit and then went back to sleep for a bit and then got up and showered and stuff and after a bit took a sort of a nap.  I had plenty of time and should have done stuff like catch up on financial bookkeeping, but I was feeling tired/lazy and didn't want to do anything.  I am choosing to blame this on the letdown after having been strongly emotionally engaged for a week (I think I remember this from last time).  I did at least launder my sheets and do some online shopping looking for a simple small black backpack and the jeans I like, and I got to Harvard Square a little bit early to check out the Gap since they're having a cardholder's sale.

Allie and I met up around 2 and sat outside Crema Cafe for hours (it was ridiculously warm out) and then went questing for chocolate cupcakes, ultimately ending up at Finale where apparently they discourage ordering from the bakery case if you're sitting at a table so we ordered actual expensive plated deserts (I got the Apple a la Mode, which was good, but which I probably wouldn't get again).  We then did assorted grocery shops (I now know where the Whole Foods by Central Square is, and I also got to pick up stuff at Shaw's which I'd realized last night/this morning I should do but wasn't sure when I'd have time).

FCS UCC was watching Crash at 7pm tonight as part of their Sacred Conversations on Race series, and I was considering going, but when we got to Allie's apartment it was like ten of seven, and I opted to continue hanging out with her for another couple of hours.

I feel like there's nothing in my head about what's been going on in my life recently other than "Holy Week" and "so a friend of mine...," and it's nice that we can apparently spend seven hours together and just chat about this and that, drifting from topic to topic not getting exceptionally deep about any of them, and just enjoy each other's company.

Also, it is good to have friends who will threaten to punch people in the face on my behalf :)
Tags: dreams, food: boston area: finale

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