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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

like Acamedia, but for churches

Saturday's When All Are Welcome Except For Me: Ways To "Queer Up" Church workshop ended up being attended almost wholly by CWM folk, and afterward I was talking to Mark and saying there were folks I knew from different church communities that might have been interested and I should have thought to invite them too and it frustrates me that there isn't an efficient way to share information across different groups (I kept biting my tongue on saying that we -- the churches on College Ave. -- are "siloed" -- the term that gets used a lot for how the different departments at my work function).

Mark said maybe that's my call to activism.  I said that given how much I talk about interfacing between different communities and how much I talk about liking the organizational aspect of my job, that might actually be true :)

I want a publicly accessible calendar, where you can filter events by tags.  I suspect this does not exist.


While I'm talking about informing people about events...

Boston LGBT Film Festival, May 6-17, 2009

Sanders Theatre:
[Sat. May 9] Mendelssohn’s Elijah @8pm
[Sat. May 16] Brahms' Requiem @8pm (pre-concert lecture 7 pm)
Tags: film festivals: mfa: glbt, planning ahead, spiritual gifts: administration

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