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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Mother's Day] Fuck you, she's awesome.

The "fuck you, she's awesome" meme was going around recently (explanation: people say they don't write fic about female characters because there are no female characters worth writing about in their fandoms, other people respond by posting about lots of awesome female characters).  Nobody's actually disputed that my mom is awesome, but I was thinking of it when I was first drafting this entry, hence the Subject Line.

A friend's sisters came to visit a few weeks ago, and they were reminiscing, and apparently their mom was (is) kind of controlling, and listening to them tell stories (and they totally love their mom, don't get me wrong) I was like, "Remind me to call my mom and thank her for being awesome."  I never actually did, but, um, mom, I'm telling you now?  O:-)

I tend to latch on to negative stories I hear about people and be all bitchy judgy, "How can you still want to have this person as part of your life?" but it occurred to me many days later that that's really unfair of me because how many times have I told stories of much of a fucker someone is and been like, "But I really value continuing to be in relationship with him"?

My mother said, about me and Jason, after that first post I made, "having not registered his attachment, I think I had about 10 seconds of thinking that it would be nice if you had found a legitimate dating possibility. Then, of course, I forgot."  Only in my world would this be a perfect response.  My mom wants me to be happy but is really not invested in the particulars (though she does actually try to be attentive to the details of my life to some extent).

Also: Happy 25th birthday to Cate -- who is responsible for, among other things, the fact that I'm an ASP subscriber and the fact that I know Jason.
Tags: family: my mom loves me, holidays: mother's day

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