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There were purple M&Ms in my bag.

I noticed last night (because i have the Smith homepage as my homepage) that now there is indeed a website up. Wonder what Mia will have to say about this.

The Jolt says “The Gyutu Monks will be in residence at Smith all week, making a butter sculpture in Neilson Browsing Room every day from 10am to 3pm.” I’m going to go check it out this afternoon.

From a friend:
Regarding drama and college life:
"It's like a game: 'whose crises will put my crises in perspective?'"

I was thinking recently that i’m probably going to have some sort of emotional breakdown in a few years. How long can one go on being a source of support and strength for people? It’s like i’m not allowed to have emotional problems or be too stressed or anything because i have to be there for other people. How has my mother done this for so many years? I am in awe of her strength. I’m not really going to have a breakdown, though; i have wonderful supportive friends and family who are always there for me. Plus i know when i need to take time for myself. I think one of my summer plans, though, is going to be to surround myself with emotionally healthy people.

An online acquaintance (whom i worry about because she is often depressed and otherwise in a bad way) has been dissatisfied with her weight recently and joined this community thinspirational. Just skimming it made me want to vomit, and not because i want to be thinner. I want to vomit; i want to cry. If you want to be healthier, more power to you, but why this fixation on weight. Anorexia, bullemia, all “eating disorders” are the farthest thing from healthy. Anorexia frightens me so much.
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