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[preview] "Church & Society invites you to a Day for Dialogue"

I got an email a few minutes ago with the link [PDF] to the draft report in preparation for Saturday's "Deep Listening and Honest Sharing on Social Principles Statement on Human Sexuality," and was I was reading the first statement, I realized that it said things like "members of our community who happen to be homosexual" and I had barely even noticed -- unlike when I was reading the "Barack Obama, Rick Warren & Marriage" piece Pastor Vic at SCBC sent me earlier this week (we're meeting this Sunday to talk about same-sex marriage, so he sent me the piece he had written for the church newsletter) and really didn't like the frequent use of the term "homosexual." I think it was because I felt so at home in the statement, was so wrapped in affirmation, whereas Vic's piece felt so much like an outsider trying to articulate tolerance and civility. (Er, that sounds more negative on Vic than I intend it to.)

What I really wanted to say, though, was that I was reading the second statement, and it's much more hesitant, but I was so struck by "We reject the witness of those who ridicule, denigrate, and abuse those who are perceived as homosexuals, lesbians, and gender transformed." gender transformed. Okay, I as a bisexual am elided, and "homosexuals and lesbians" is weirdly redundant, but, gender transformed.

Also (I opted to keep reading before hitting Post), the second statement goes on to say, "The emergence of bi-sexuality as accepted in culture suggests there is considerable diversity in our sexuality, not just one or the other." *dances* Extraneous hyphen notwithstanding, I am not invisible!!! *\o/*
Tags: issues: queer, issues: trans, religion: christianity: methodism

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