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[Rest and Bread] Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch [2009-05-13]

Psalm 100 -- instead of all the "Lord" language (which Molly isn't particular about but which Laura Ruth doesn't like) we said "Yah," which is apparently a way to say YHWH that is respectful to Judaism.

The Sacred Text was the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts [8:26-40].

Listening to the story, I was struck by:
1) The bit about the eunuch saying he can't understand the passage he's reading without someone to explain it to him (which actually sits somewhat uncomfortably with me).
2) The eunuch invites Philip into his carriage would you like to see my etchings?

Laura Ruth's Reflection:
* She said that Philip was a deacon (tending to the physical and spiritual needs of congregation -- I, um, had not realized that was the role of deacons ... I fail at congregational polity?).
* She mentioned that he had 4 daughters (and thus presumably a wife) and friends (he introduced Nathaniel) -- he was a regular person, like us.
* She said she did some research on eunuchs and they might be gay.  She said they were considered a "third gender," and I think that's the point at which I became cranky.  (Though I was also like, "How have you never researched eunuchs before?  Doesn't everyone who's queer and Christian do a whole load of research about how to reconcile those?"  When I told her this afterward, I said that I know I'm totally projecting.  In talking with her later about eunuchs etc., I remembered but didn't get a chance to mention the "Some are born eunuchs, some are made eunuchs, some make themselves eunuchs..." [Matthew 19:12] bit.)
* She talked about moving closer to God, and how sometimes we're the eunuch and sometimes we're Philip.
* She said that Philip was willing to be whisked away, and I called her out on that afterward, pointing out that if God whisks you away, you don't exactly get a say in that.  She said she thinks you do, actually, but she takes my point -- and I said that as I was saying it I realized that you might get a say, the Scripture is silent on that, as it is on so many thing (I then voiced my frustration that we're told that Philip explained the Isaiah passage to the eunuch and the eunuch converted, but we don't actually get Philip's explanation ... could I get some pointers, here, New Testament writers?).

During Communion, Laura Ruth gave thanks for, "Christ's life, Christ's death, Christ's birth, and Christ's resurrection."  When she said "Christ's birth," I kinda looked over (I was in the chair closest to the altar) and stifled laughter (the usual statement is giving thanks for "Christ's birth, life, death, and resurrection," so she had clearly forgotten the opening phrase and then slotted it back in when she remembered) and she looked at me kinda like, "Yeah, I know."
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