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[Monday-Sunday] Yeah, I do not recommend getting that behind on writeups.


[gym] 45min treadmill (4.3mph, 2.0incline) -- Huh, Matt Nathanson's "Come On Get Higher" (which is frequently on VH1) totally energizes me, at least for the duration of the time the song is playing.

I met up with Roza at Tealuxe around 5:20 (Jonah joined us a bit later).  Around 8pm we transitioned to ABP for toilets and some food.  Around 9:50 we parted ways for sleep etc.  Yeah, 4½ hours of conversation.  (Which included my talking about Jason and how he works Your Move Games and she said she would tell her housemates 'cause they only know about Pandemonium.  And her offering to hem my pants -- she was talking about how much she enjoys sewing)

Around quarter past 11, as I was getting ready for bed, Laurel called.  She wasn't in crisis, but I know that coming back to Boston from L.A. is always hard for her, and I figured she probably wouldn't keep me up too late.

Near the end of our conversation, she sort of hesitantly said she wasn't going to ask about Terry (she figured if I'd heard anything I would have told her) but she wanted to check in and see how I was doing, saying if it was sensitive she didn't want to poke at it but she wanted to let me know that she was thinking of me.  I was really touched.


I emailed Ian to whinge about something, and his reply literally made me laugh out loud -- which it was constructed to.  And got me a chocolate-caramel-peanut thing which was really yummy.

It was another weird day such that I ended up going to the gym after work.
~40min weight room -- I realized partway through that I hadn't been feeling sore, which was happymaking.

Jess [CAUMC] and I met around 6:30 at Mr. Crepe for dinner.  Around 9pm we headed home (we were both starting to crash).


I was singing "I went down to the river to pray..." largely from memory on my way to work, and for the "Oh [two syllables] let's go down..." line, at one point I realized I was singing, "Oh Lord..."  (in part, I'm sure, because I'd been singing "Oh Lord, show me the way" rather than "Good Lord show me the way").  I enjoyed the image of inviting the Lord down to the river with you.  Later, I found myself singing "Oh lovers..."  I also approve of this.

Free Starbucks breakfast AND free lunch.  (Yesterday, FUH headed over to Spangler to get lunch and asked if I wanted anything, and I said I was planning to get pasta, which I felt was too complicated to ask him to just pick up for me.  He said, "Another time then."  Today, he was teaching from 8:40-10:00 and then driving across the River to co-teach at MIT from 10:30-12 and then coming back here and teaching from 1:10-2:30 -- and then flying to Vinalhaven, via Rockland -- so I asked him if he wanted me to pick up lunch for him.  He said that would be nice, so he told me what kind of sandwich he wanted and handed me a twenty and told me to buy myself lunch, too, said he felt bad that he couldn't get me lunch yesterday.)

I got to go to the gym at like 10:15am!  I was feeling all antsy -- probably at least in part because I'm used to going to the gym first thing in the morning.
[gym] 45min treadmill (4.3mph, 2.0incline) -- it felt really easy at the start, and it occurred to me at some point that I could up the incline (something I hadn't been thinking of when I'd been all "12-minute-mile by 2010!").
Apparently it is at 11am that VH1 stops playing music videos?
Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" is another one of those songs that energizes me.
Speaking of... some days later, Lorraine posted a link list of fanvids and covers of that song.  mjules, when I was watching the second to last one, it occurred to me that you would really enjoy that there are guys covering this song.
And while I'm on YouTube, Lady Gaga on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross - BBC One.

I'd been in an increasingly good mood as the week went on, and after work I was feeling really chipper even though I'd spent 45 minutes (starting shortly after 4pm) working on magicking up catering for Saturday evening.

Rest and Bread made me cranky, but after I debriefed with Laura Ruth some afterward I felt better.

After Rest and Bread service, as Laura Ruth was heading to her next meeting, she asked me how I was (which seemed a little strange to me because she'd asked me beforehand and I'd said I was good and I felt like I'd sounded genuine and anyway she was on her way to her next meeting so it's not like she could really engage with my answer in that moment) and I gave about the same answer I'd given before service and she said I seemed really good, in this way that sounded pleased.


On my way to work in the morning, I heard chainkill next to me, "I need to get your phone number so I can call and say, 'Turn around.' "  I teased him about the extra cardio of running to catch up with me, and he explained why today he wasn't really excited about extra cardio -- "I got into an argument with an SUV, while on my bike."

[gym] 45+min weight room
I was more tired and thus doing more resting than I sometimes do, but I was glad to get to go to the gym first thing in the morning.


FUH invited me to the last day of class, so I went to the 10:20 one (the second of the two sections).  Last day of class means students give prof a gift.  1st class gave him a big apple pie -- 'cause of his consistent emphasis on enlarging the pie.  2nd class they said, "We really like your cowboy boots, so we got you spurs."  He and I both thought this was kind of awesome, but when he got back to his office and opened it, it was a necktie with spurs.  He and I were both disappointed -- and he said it was a good thing he hadn't opened it in class, because his disappointment would have shown and that would have been bad.

He talked about how this might be the last MBA class he ever teaches -- 'cause he's doing all this stuff with wind power up in Maine and it's kind of a full-time job -- and he said, "Be proud of what you do -- as a parent, as a partner, as a professional," and it was this really powerful little moment.

I went to the gym around lunchtime.
[gym] 45min treadmill (4.3mph, 2.0incline)
I found myself watching Brooke Knows Best on VH1, among other things.

FUH gave me a ride to the end-of-course party in Newton.  Before we left, he asked me to scan and send him something, so I used the scan-to-PDF capability on the copier.  I handed him back his original and then the PDF showed up in his mailbox, and he was all, "Look at that."  I was going to say, as I so often do, "It's like magic," but instead I said, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  He said, "I really like that, who said that?" and I said it was some science-fiction author, but I couldn't remember who.  [I didn't mention that I knew the line from a Firefly movie fanfic.]  I said that if I hadn't turned off my computer, I would totally be looking it up.  He said I could play with his iPhone while we were in the car -- but then we didn't leave for a while and I forgot and for some of the time he was using his iPhone to figure out where the host's house was anyway.  Around 10pm I realized "Arthur C. Clarke."

At one point, I was talking about going to the gym and walking places and how people compartmentalize and I said, "I can totally be holier-than-thou."
FUH: "Yes, that's true."
me: "Hey, I don't think you were supposed to agree with that."

We cannot get our fucking act together re: an end-of-course party (I half-joked that this is what happens when faculty try to plan events themselves), but I just rolled with it this week as plans got changed back and forth and back again.  I think I probably still would have preferred doing Daedalus again, but this wasn't as awkward as I had feared it might be.  I actually stayed until the party dispersed around 7pm (at which point FUH drove me to Newton Centre T).

I chatted with Victoria for a while, which was nice.  I talked about how I didn't actually get to crash after this because I had a joint birthday party to go to and then a church thing on Saturday, and she asked questions and was listening and engaged, and it's entirely possible that she actually couldn't have cared less, but she seemed genuine enough that even if it was just a performance I'll take it.

All us support staff got a bottle of champagne AND an amazon.com gift certificate -- aww.  My favorite part was the handwritten notes from FUH and Ian inside my card (which I didn't open until I was at the T station).

I continue to be thrown by how many people I don't know when I show up at one of Cate et al's parties.  (I've been to enough that I at least recognize a fair amount of people, so it throws me when I'm confronted with a sea of unfamiliar faces.)

Conversation in the kitchen at one point, someone said, "We're all going to hell."  I protested.  Jason said that I and Danielle were totally not going to tell.  He said she had depth and I had breadth.  I said I resented the implication that I didn't also have depth in this area, but it turns out she is ordination track (Episcopal Church), so I conceded that she did have more depth than I did.

Around 10 or 11 I felt like I'd had all the conversation, but then I ended up on the cute girl couch and opted to stay past the time at which I would have needed to leave to get the T home.  Around 2am the last of us dispersed.  Jake drove me home -- yay.


I got up with my alarm and showered and ate breakfast and all that good stuff and walked down to CAUMC to get picked up by Tiffany to go ot the "Deep Listening and Honest Sharing on Social Principle's Statement on Human Sexuality" in North Andover.

I was fine in the car ride with Tiffany, but once the event got going I started frequently spacing out 'cause I was so tired.  I think I would have been disappointed by the lack of depth even if I were awake for the whole thing, but only getting parts of it definitely made me frustrated.

We closed with Communion, and we did the sung liturgy #2257 in The Faith We Sing.  Rachel volunteered to play piano, and Marla volunteered to be the song leader -- the first song is call-and-response.  The first line is, "The Lord be with you," so she sang, "May God be with you," as we do at CWM.  The faciliatator interrupted her after the second or third word and said, "No, 2257," and she said, "Yes, I know, this is how we sing it."  She also did, "Let us give thanks to the Lord our God the great I AM." (All: It is right to give our thanks and praise.)  I finally stopped having "I went down to the river to pray..." stuck in my head, because then I had that stuck in my head.

The spoken liturgy was all read from some official book (and was just the two co-celebrants reading), and there was something about "from the brutal crucifixion and resurrection, the church was born."  I mentioned this to Marla the next day, and she said that's the Communion liturgy that most Methodists know.  I have a much higher tolerance for blood atonement theology than, well, probably anyone at CWM for example (not that that's necessarily saying much), but even I was thrown by that.

I got home about 2:30 and debated about whether or not to go Tiffany and Josh's baby shower (which was scheduled to start at 3pm).  I knew I would regret not going, so around 3:00 I headed out -- so I got there around 3:30.  People still hadn't started eating yet, though they did soon after I got there, and Tiffany opened gifts around 4:00, and I left before 5:00 (at which point Tallessyn was starting to clean up anyway).  It was nice, but I was glad I didn't spend a huge amount of time there.

I wasn't feeling super-crashy, but I decided that my time would probably be better spent sleeping than working on writeups, so I went to bed around 6pm -- not entirely expecting to fall asleep (it was still light out) or to sleep all the way through 'til my alarm.


My alarm went off at 6am.  Yeah, ~12 hours of sleep.

CHPC's Closing Hymn was "Take My Gifts," so that was the latest song to get stuck in my head.

They had a flea market yesterday, and I wasn't going over to look at the leftovers at all since I do not need more crap in my house, but then while LizL. and I were talking, she wanted to go browse and so I went over with her.  I found a black L.L.Bean backpack for $5 (Katherine only asked for $1, but that felt obscenely low to me).  I'd been wanting to use a backpack instead of a purse and a shoulder bag (for my gym clothes), but my purple L.L.Bean backpack is so big that I feel awkward.  I packed this one up tonight, though, and it's a perfect size.

Laurel left me a text message while I was at CWM.  I was glad to know she was not dead.  (Yes, it has been that kind of a week.  We talked on the phone later, though, and she sounds much better than she did on Thursday -- still stressed, but not, yanno, suicidal.)


My hair started being stupid last week.  It's been three months since I got it cut, so I'm actually overdue.  (Though it actually looks nice tonight.)
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