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[gym] ~30min weight room (one of my machines was being repaired, and another one was worrying me)

Nicole bumped into us at lunch today, which was nice.

FUH called this morning to ask if his exams were ready (he's leaving for Maine tomorrow), so I called him this afternoon when they were ready for me to pick up and told him that the Registrar recommended that we go through them to make sure we had them all and etc. (he had said maybe he would just come in and pick them up from the Registrar himself) so I would be happy to do that and then just leave them in his office for him to pick up at his convenience.  When I was done, I emailed him an empty-body email, Subject Line: exams are on the green chair in front of your desk
He replied simply: URTB

(Driving me back from Friday's party, he asked if I'd gotten my card, and I said I had but I hadn't opened it yet.  He said the "dot dot dot" stood in for "You're the best."  I am unclear as to why he thought he shouldn't write that in a public card, but whatev.)

I feel like I have my life back now that the course is over, even though it's really just coincidence that I don't have plans every night this week and it's not like the course actually ate my life (I'm on campus at 8am anyway, so really it just shuffled around my day -- plus I got bonus free breakfast a bunch of times, which I am not complaining about at all).

(Sidebar: Memorial Day is this coming Monday?  When did that happen?  And why does GoogleCalendar not inform me of holidays?  To quote AmyFox from another context, "It's little things like this that keep Google from ruling the world. :(" )

I am mildly concerned about our washing machine leaking.

I have really been feeling recently that I'm a grazer -- I'll not finish a meal and then be hungry a couple of hours later.  Some time ago, someone suggested single-serving yogurts for work, and I should definitely actually do that.  (In contrast, dinner keeps not filling me up tonight, which is annoying.)

via inlovewithnight I finally actually listened to the "I'm On a Boat" song (which I had first heard about at least a couple of weeks ago).  Yeah, I feel really okay about my disinclination to track it down these past few weeks.  I am, however, entertained, by Bert and Ernie.
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