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[Rest and Bread] Moses

From Laura Ruth's email to the listserv:
During Eastertide, Keith and I have been reflecting on folks in the Bible, then we pray and have communion.

Today, Keith will reflect on Moses, a man who stuttered yet a man who lead his people out of their bondage into promises unimaginable.

Why not join us imperfect followers of God? Together, we can learn how to move out of our own bondage and into the promises revealed as we walk our practice of faith, of prayer and communion.
One of the songs Keith played during the Music for Meditation was "Go down Moses..."  I looked over at him and smiled when I realized.

Psalm 103
Exodus 3:1-15a (the burning bush)

In his Reflection, Keith mentioned that Moses says both "Here I am, Lord" & "not me."
He also said, "No one else can do your life's work for you."

In the call to the communal prayer of confession, Keith said, "We remember all the times we have said, 'Please God, send someone else.' "
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