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grace amidst the other stuff

I went to bed at like 9:40 last night. \o/
L. called me at like 11:10.  /o\  I woke up and answered the phone like without even thinking -- not that I wouldn't have answered anyway, just that I woke up and got the phone and was listening to and responding to her before I even fully realized/processed that I'd been woken up.

She continues to be doing better, which I'm glad of.

Again she asked how I was doing about Terry, again saying she figured if I'd heard anything I'd have told her -- which remains true.  I'm still not having a  meltdown, but it definitely has been on my mind more recently -- partly because my self-imposed deadline for when I'll write again is approaching.  I continue to be touched by her thoughtfulness.

She emailed me a link to the video of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me," which is definitely cute (they write messages back and forth!), though the stereotypical visual coding irritated me.  She also sent a second email: "Also just found this, Taylor Swift performing with Def Leopard.  Talk about hot!"  I concur.  It's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," which is hot to begin with, but her with the hair (the attitude, really) and the dress and yeah.


[gym] 45min treadmill (4.3mph, 2.5incline)
Charmed is not a particularly stellar show, but it holds my attention such that I barely even notice that I'm working out, which is nice.
(Sidebar: I really like that my new gym pants have a back pocket, so I can have all my stuff in my backpack and still have key items immediately accessible.)

Electronic (online) system for Recruiting going forward!  I am so excited about this.

I continue to have like this mental block around anything requiring actual thought or effort.  I am not pleased with this.

I was feeling hungry, tired, and headachey this afternoon, and this continued through Rest and Bread service.  I do not understand the tired.  Though I suppose I got like an hour of sleep and then was interrupted and then got about six hours.

Somerville's Ecumenical Pride service will be at Havurat Shalom this year.  The morning of the Boston Pride Parade.

I am not pleased with daytime highs in the 80s F, but I do enjoy breathing in this nighttime summer air.
Tags: gymming it up, music videos, work: annual project of doom: 2009-2010

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