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[Thurs.-Mon.] gym-log, etc.


~8hrs of sleep is not actually sufficient (at least not when I went into it with a sleep deficit).  Though admittedly once I was up I was okay.

I do not appreciate already being sticky when I get to the gym.  (This is one problem with backpack.)
Much drier come lunchtime, which I appreciated.  (Though after we came in from eating lunch outside, Katie commented that it looked like I'd gotten sunburned, and when I was red and itchy I had to wonder if she was right.)

[gym] 35+min weight room
I was thinking the other day about how I keep upping the cardio I'm doing and not the weights I'm doing, but I am definitely doing more than when I first started ... I just up it more slowly than I do my cardio, which is fine.  Plus, my ability to weights is more sensitive to how tired etc. I am than is my ability to push through and do my regular cardio machine.
I did an additional set on one of the leg machines 'cause one of the legwork machines is still under repair.  Admittedly, the under-repair leg machine works a different set of leg muscles (lower leg versus upper leg), so I probably should have just talked to one of the trainers.


[gym] 45min treadmill (4.3mph, 2.5incline)

I got less than 5hrs of sleep last night, and this afternoon I was like, "can't brane, have the dum."  My inability to finish writing the AAR is troubling, though, because it's not in and of itself anything difficult, I just get this brain block whenever I look at document which I have only partially revised/updated -- which I've noticed this weekend in doing LJ writeups, freezing up when confronted with my draft document of notes.  I am not confident that I had a well-rested enough weekend that I will be any better at work on Tuesday.  Sigh.

On the phone with Ari tonight, I browsed "1000 Books Besides the Bible Every Christian Should Read" -- which is actually only about 300 books, and many of the books I'm like, "Really?  What does this book have to do with Christianity?"


Whee, ~10hrs of sleep.


Okay, 6½-7 hrs of sleep is not ideal.

I agreed to give blood at SCBC on June 1 after work.  I'm a little bit concerned that I'll have a slow-vein redux since this isn't at the church in Watertown with George-the-really-skilled-technician.  Hopefully it will go well.

After dinner, Mark asked me if my star earrings were red-white-and-blue and I was like, "No, they're missing the purple stripe, but they're totally rainbows."  (In the bathroom that night, I noticed that at least in that light they do actually look very much like they're red-white-and-blue.)  Michelle said of all the people, I was the least likely to wear red-white-and-blue earrings.  I said I doubted that, given that she knows super-leftie people like Trelawney.  She said I was still one of the top people.  I did not tell her the story of my learning Wee Sing America on the motorhome trip when I was 9 or anything.

I came home from church tonight and all the lights were off and as I was approaching my bedroom my foot connected with my housemate's cat.  For the rest of the night he has quickly headed away from me whenever I'm approaching him.  Oops.  (He seemed to be over it come Monday, though.)


Whee, getting up at like 9am I have so much time in the day.  (Though I did not actually do a whole lot with my day.  I did find my preferred moisturizer online.  And I got summer school books off half.com -- and may be going halfsies with Cate on a copy of the expensive Intellectual Property book from a friend of hers.)

I went grocery shopping.  \o/  Though I bought lots of yogurt and stuff, so I was stiff for quite some time after I got home.  (Of course I walked all the way home.  And I wasn't passed by a 96 during any of that walk, so clearly not waiting for a bus was the right choice.)

Maytag's online system says I can get a washing machine repairperson for the 8am-noon block on Wednesday.  Except then it tells me the system is down or something.  I'll try again tomorrow and then call if it's still not working for me.
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