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[Boston/Somerville Interfaith Pride; also, Shakespeare] marking my calendar

From an email Laura Ruth sent to the listserv:
Our congregation will be involved in two Pride events this year.

The first is the Somerville Interfaith Pride Service, to be hosted at the Havurah Shalom, Friday evening, 6/12/09 at 7:00 PM. Last year, the Interfaith Pride Service was hosted by a Christian congregation, the Cambridge Welcoming Congregation, and the service was distinctly Christian with Jewish participation. This year, the service will be distinctly Jewish, with Christian and inter faith participation. If you've never welcomed the Sabbath before, if you've not had Kiddush, if you've never prayed in Hebrew, this is your opportunity. We hope to have many folks from our congregation participate by our presence.

Boston Pride Interfaith Service is finally listed on the Boston Pride Calendar:

Saturday June 13th
32nd Pride Interfaith Service
Old South Church, Boylston St & Dartmouth St, Boston, MA
[facebook says hosted by Brookline's Congregation Am Tikva]


Honoring the Transgender Community

Award Recipient: Transgender Day of Rememberance Planning Committee

Guest Speaker: Dr. Justin Tanis - National Center for Transgender Equality

Justin has worked in the LGBT non-profit field for over 20 years as a community organizer, manager, educator and program specialist. He holds degrees from Mount Holyoke College, Harvard University, and San Francisco Theological Seminary, as well as a certificate from the Maryland Institute College of Design. He is the author of Transgender Ministry, Theology and Communities of Faith.

[Boston Pride's theme this year is "Trans-forming our Community" -- "This theme not only builds upon last year's theme of sustaining our community and working together for change, but also focuses on the important issue of supporting and advocating for our transgender families, friends and colleagues."]

Old South's website says:
32nd Annual PRIDE INTERFAITH SERVICE returns to Old South: Saturday, June 13 at 10 am
in the Sanctuary. Come join brothers and sisters from many faiths as we worship our extravagantly welcoming, still-speaking, many-gendered Creator.


Also, Sunday June 7 is More Light Sunday in the Presbyterian church.
Celebrating a Church for All God's Children: More Light Sunday 2009
by Michael Adee, More Light Presbyterians

Now more than ever it is important for us, for our Church, to recognize and celebrate the presence
and gifts of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and their families in our local congregations. We believe in a Gospel and a Church for all God's children. While we do recognize and give thanks for the extraordinary, history-making progress made during the Amendment 08-B Campaign,* we also reckon with the reality that its ratification was narrowly defeated. This is a time of mixed emotions, celebration and lamentation.

We celebrate that a record number of 77 presbyteries so far have affirmed fair and equal ordination standards; and we lament that 92 have held to the status quo of discrimination against faithful LGBT Presbyterians simply seeking to answer God's call to serve. It is time for us to gather in community in every possible congregation, MLP Chapter, campus or seminary group for a time of reflection, prayer, healing and solidarity.

More Light Sunday is June 7, 2009. The first Sunday of June is chosen for More Light Sunday in recognition that June is the tradition of LGBT or Gay Pride Month in most cities. Pride celebrations were first held in June to honor the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969, a watershed moment in the LGBT equal rights movement. We encourage each welcoming church, campus ministry or MLP Chapter to consider ways you can be part of your local or state Pride celebration. Learn more at www.mlp.org.

Boston Pride Week is Friday, June 5 to Sunday, June 14. For more information, visit

*Ordination Amendment 08-B, approved by the 216th General Assembly, is being considered by the
presbyteries for ratification. A simple majority vote is needed for ratification. A "Yes" vote will enable the denomination to move forward together again as one church family committed to the equality of all of its members, and enable the ordination of LGBT members who are called to serve. A "No" vote will leave us mired in the same division, conflict, and unjust policies which have characterized the church for decades. Please keep the Presbyterian LGBT community and entire Church in your prayers.

Allie emailed me:
I know you said you hadn't found any info on Boston's Shakespeare in the park program for this year. I read this article awhile back:

The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's website (beware, there's a donation solicitation on their homepage that I can't get rid of - v. annoying) also has an announcement, and the last entry on their "rehearsal journal" (in late April) was about call-back auditions, so I assume it's going ahead. :)
From aforementioned website:
The Comedy of Errors
July 31 - August 16, 2009
Tuesday - Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 7pm
The Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common

The Boston Globe article states, "A farce that tells the story of two sets of identical twins accidentally separated at birth, it will be set in 1930s South Beach to give it a stylish, colorful flair."
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