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[Tuesday] joy sadhana as update

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  You wait and watch and work: you don't give up." --Anne Lamott

Good things about today:
  • Again, leaving my house late meant I got to take the T with Allie (which also meant I got to tell her my Saturday joy).
  • Prof.B. was in the office briefly, and I actually got a few scheduling and email-followup things taken care of.
  • In conversation about my Reiki session, L said: As for the idea of spirit guides, you and every other Christian already has at least one "spirit guide".  His name is Jesus. :)  I grinned.
  • Emma Watson is pretty.
  • Prof.D's article might get published in Foreign Affairs.  (And I learned interesting stuff from reading the article.)
  • I left work with Katie, which rarely happens, so rather than make the CWM deposit I went back to Davis with her and we gossiped about coworkers and suchlike.
  • I spent about an hour and a half at Blue Shirt Cafe with OtherElizabeth, and it felt comfortable and when we parted she hugged me and said we should get together again.  Oh, and like right after I walked in she commented on my haircut; points for noticing.
Things I did well today:
  • I got up with my alarm and ate breakfast at home and brushed my teeth and went to the [gym] ~35min weight room
  • I: arranged a conference call dial-in (complete with follow-up about getting it recorded), responded to a somewhat inane check-in email and asked a question I'd been wondering, did a quick read-through of Prof.D's article, commented on Rev.S's blog, did some more shepherding of a TN, managed an incoming phone call.
  • I helped Matt run studies at CLER again.  Though it wasn't quite as fun as yesterday -- yesterday we talked about (among other things) C. S. Lewis and Tim Keller, and today we talked about (among other things) prospect theory and statistics.
  • At Blue Shirt Cafe, I did not get the exact same thing I always get (Thai Peanut Tofu Wrap); instead I got the Spinach Tofu Wrap (which also has black beans, monterey jack cheese and house made garlic aioli).  Sidebar: there was a display tray with tiny chocolate cupcakes from The Chocolate Tarte with almost as much green "minarets" (OtherElizabeth's word) of frosting as there was cupcake for 99 cents, though we didn't get any.
  • I bought milk on the way home.
  • I emailed L. asking her the name of her movers, 'cause Katie's thinking about hiring movers when they move.
  • I washed dishes.
  • I reserved tickets for me and Cate (which also entailed registering an online account).
Things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
  • Rest and Bread
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