Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Sleep... I approve.

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  You wait and watch and work: you don't give up." --Anne Lamott

Good things about today:
  • omfg egg&cheese croissant (delicious croissant, so much better than Dunkin' Donuts)
  • pirateygoodness posted:
    My host is at work, so I'm killing time on his wireless, and motherfucker do I love the weird shit that exists on YouTube. CASE IN POINT:


    A) this video will change your life FOREVER, and B) MY GOD, NEW THEME FOR THE BLAKE/LEIGHTON SPY AU FIC, Y/Y/MFY?
  • After discussion with Ari last night, I listened to last week's CHPC's service (and omg there are so many things I don't like about CHPC service ... though wow, Prayers of the People had way more participants, with real organic energy, than I've been saying it had; I can't tell if part of my prayer was silenced due to a technical glitch or bad editing for privacy... will have to ask Randy; I suspect the former, as I think I recall while I was talking feeling like the mic cut out partway through) and didn't hate how my voice sounds (I'm used to feeling like my voice sounds all distorted-little-girl-y ... though it's weird hearing my voice and only recognizing it in snatches).
  • People's comments on my [Elizabeth wonders what she's supposed to put down as "the industry that best describes your primary expertise" on LinkedIn given their drop-down list.] facebook status.
  • Iron Man fanfic
  • Joseph Arthur's "Honey and the Moon"
  • Ross is starting up a summer Bible study (which I may or may not be able to attend).
  • It's nice to know that my linkdumps are useful for people :)
  • I get to go to bed early.
Things I did well today:
  • I got up and ate breakfast at home and brushed my teeth and went to the [gym] 45min treadmill (2.5incline, 4.4mph)
    This treadmill setting is a challenge, but in recent days the walk home from Davis has felt easy, which is definitely something.
  • I replied to some [nonwork] emails.
  • I set up a LinkedIn profile.
  • Lessee... I sent out a spreadsheet, I generated a QuickCode for a mailing, I relayed a phone message, I set up a conference call.
  • I did laundry (and put it all away! ... I have to admit that recently this latter portion has often stretched out over days).
  • Um, I went to the Hav, and I got there a few minutes before 7:00, but the door wouldn't open, and I wasn't going to ring the doorbell, so I walked home again.
Things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
  • Annual Conference
  • And I don't have to get up until about 8am, which is something.
  • I can do the reading for my World Religions class while on/waiting for the T.
Tags: food: hbs, gymming it up, joy sadhana, youtube

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