Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I have never watched so much football in my life.

Yesterday i watched a little bit of the Jets game and most of the Packers game. Then today i watched almost all of the Steelers game. I'm learning more about football (i don't think i'd ever seen a game the entire way through before; even during the SuperBowl i mostly only come out for the halftime show, and it's only the commercials that tempt me to stay for the game) because i'm watching with my dad, and it was actually a really good game. I even felt bad for the Browns at the end. My dad had told my mom that she could watch Ice Age with her mother (who's over for dinner) before he realized there would be a playoff game at that time, so they have the TV now, which is probably just as well. Although, as i typed that my dad came in and updated me on how the game is going and i realized they broadcast on radio. Hmm, decisions....

Continuing the entry in which i reveal that i have nothing better to do with my time, i saw Murder by Numbers and Black Adder's Christmas Carol. The latter is, i hate to say, missable, (though the Black Adder Goes Forth series is quite good) but the former is on the whole a good movie, though flawed. I'm getting tired of Sandra Bullock playing messed-up women, though. I saw 28 Days on the bus and didn't like it and didn't like her character either. I really wanted to like her in this ("Did he tell you why they call me Hyena?" "No." "Female hyenas have a sort of mock-penis." "Does that bother you?" "I just wear loose-fitting slacks. It's not really a problem.") but i just couldn't quite.
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