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[Wednesday] "Why do you always talk about church?"

[FirstChurch Mailing List] I can see clearly now, the rain is gone! Come and praise God for Sun!

Dear Beloved,

I saw the sun, I saw the sun! Come to Rest and Bread tonight to praise the Maker of sun (and rain)!

Our service is at 6:15 tonight. Music for meditation is at 6.

Our biography is about the builder who build a house on sand and the rain washed it away. It is about the builder who built a house on stone, and even floods couldn't wash it away.

Keith is away this week. Please say a prayer for him while he works. We will also pray for Molly, of course, who is away, and for our four who are off to Synod this week: Jason, Ian, Joe, and Brandon.

I hope to see your shining faces at 6.

Laura Ruth
It was actually cloudy out for Rest and Bread.  Oh well.  (I do wish folks would stop complaining that it needs to stop raining.  It has barely been raining.  Yes, it has been grey and cool and misting/spitting/sprinkling, but this is not "Dear God let it stop raining" weather.  [Edit: Friday(?)'s metro said it's been the cloudiest June since 1903 though only one day this month have we gotten more than a half an inch of rain.] )

Laura Ruth had picked a yellow flower and placed it on the altar.  She invited us to find and meditate on beauty and justice in these grey days.  (She also invited us to cultivate a practice of prayer.  I continue to be thrown by the idea that some people are uncomfortable trying to pray, because I feel like talking to God is just just what I do -- I mean, I'm not great at intentionally praying for other people for very long before my mind wanders, and I have mixed feelings about the idea of prayer changing anyone other than the person praying, but prayer isn't inherently something that I worry I'm doing wrong or anything.)

Psalm 19 [yes, again]
Matthew 7:24ff [inclusive language version]

Laura Ruth and I were the only people present who knew the "The wise man built his house upon the rock..." song.
She talked about how when she was younger she understood this passage to be about obedience but that that's not really what it's about.  (Though, um, I forget what her takeaway was that it was about.  Addendum: The above-mentioned cultivation of spiritual practice/s was definitely part if not all of it.)

Before service, Laura Ruth had talked about the emails I'd sent recently, and she told me about how when she was in the Episcopal church there was always a verger -- a lay person who doesn't actually do the actions of any of the service but who makes sure that everything runs smoothly, that all the candles get lit and get lit at the right time and all that sort of stuff.  I said I could see why that made her think of me :) though I would have to become an Episcopalian.  She said I already do that role at Rest and Bread (obviously) and maybe I already do it at my other churches and I agreed (though on reflection it's not actually true ... but it's definitely the sort of thing I could do at my other churches, is not dependent on my becoming an Episcopalian).

I'm clearly getting more and more into worship planning, too, though, 'cause I'm increasingly annoyed that I don't know what the purpose of the Psalm is (I feel like in the past it often got tied in with the Reflection, but especially now that we're on this biography series it hasn't seemed at all connected, but it's usually a different one each week so there must have been some thought going in to the selection), and I really don't like the compartmentalized nature of Prayers of the People (in part because I'm used to CWM style, but even adjusting for style and atmosphere, we break up the Prayers of Petition but I'm often not clear how many segments we're breaking it into and where I should slot certain prayers) and then I was co-celebrating Communion and the liturgy feels so bland and I actually changed a few bits on the fly -- retelling the part of Jesus taking the cup and giving thanks, I did what Tiffany does and said, "and gave thanks to you, O God," and looked up to the ceiling; and when I communed Laura Ruth I said, "The Cup of Blessing, poured out for you" (we usually just say "The Cup of the New Covenant").

When I was leaving service, Laura Ruth handed me the leftover bread and the flower.  (I had bought a yogurt parfait for in-class dinner, so I was happy to take the bread.)  I ate the half of the loaf we had torn up for Communion but that still left a whole half a loaf.  So I walked into Intellectual Property class holding a half a loaf of bread and a yellow flower.  \o/  At the break, I asked Cate if she wanted any bread and she said sure.  She asked, "Is this Host or just bread?"  I said it was Host, but that we're pretty low church, so she was welcome to have Jesus and didn't need to be communed -- but then of course I said, "This is the Bread of Life, given for you."

Class was fairly good.  I'll post notes after I watch the video of the first hour that I missed.

While we were waiting for Cate's bus, I talked about my problems with my World Religions prof (which I'll post more about tomorrow).

Then I called Ari around 10pm after I got off the subway -- figuring if I called before I actually got home I might actually get to bed tonight.  1:20:41 later...  But I got to tell her all about how Ian is still made of awkward and about Rest and Bread and church: ur doin it wrong and how I feel like I was kind of a bitch in my CHPC email (but I'm right!) and I went through back entries of an LJ tag which I'd meant to do last night and my housemate told me about SadTrombone.com.


"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  You wait and watch and work: you don't give up." --Anne Lamott

Good things about today:
  • Ian is back from SF.
  • see the day writeup above
Things I did well today:
  • I got up with my alarm and ate breakfast at home and brushed my teeth and went to the [gym] 45min treadmill (4.4mph, 2.5incline)
  • I read blogposts and meta and started drafting various posts.
  • I called Abu Dhabi to set up a call for tomorrow.
  • I contacted Catering and Parking per next Tuesday's meeting.
Things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
  • emailing Laura Ruth about changing the Rest and Bread service some
  • writing up my conversation with Cate about my World Religions class
  • hopefully getting to listen to the first hour of Intellectual Property and write up notes
  • CAUMC (last meeting of the summer)
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