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Cate and I went to "Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice" at the MFA.  We read almost every single word of wall text, and Cate critiqued some of the exhibition display choices, and I tried to identify the Bible stories before reading the blurbs (apparently the Susannah story in the Book of Daniel is considered apocryphal by Protestants, which explains why she was only vaguely familiar to me).

Cate actually formed opinions on each of the painters, but I couldn't keep them distinct in my head sufficent to have opinions.  I do prefer Tintoretto's Baptism of Christ over Veronese's in many ways, though.  In Veronese's, the figures are weirdly positioned, whereas Tintoretto's are much more organic.  There's also neat stuff like the water running down steps next to John the Baptist.  But really it's that above the dove above Jesus is, not a whole handful of angel faces (which is just weird to my Protestant sensibilities) but rather three -- which I can read as echoing the Trinity (even though if I think about it too hard that's weird, since Christ and the Spirit are already depicted).

I dorked out on the Venice stuff in the gift shop :)

We got lunch (outside) at the Pizzeria Uno at Symphony and then did some clothes shopping at the Pru, which was remarkably painless (considering how quickly I usually burn out on any sort of clothes shopping), though there may be some returns in my future as Ann Taylor is espensive.  (I also got a top -- on sale -- at Chico's.)

I came home and washed dishes and did laundry and ate a bit of food and called L. (I had a missed call from her this afternoon) and decided to lie down for a bit ... and that turned into a nap.  I called Ari to check in and am going to try bed for real now.

I think I won't be able to go to LizL's installation tomorrow as any T trek takes 1.5-2hrs and it's at 3pm and I have CWM at 5pm.
Tags: art: museum: mfa, religion, shopping: clothes

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