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and in the darkness, there is always joy

[redacted v. 2 -- vegetarian, !update]


[gym] 45min treadmill (2.5incline, 4.4mph) -- felt easier than it has some recent days (shockingly, I suspect due to getting more sleep)


Intellectual Property class has In-Person Section on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 (when I am likely skipping World Religions class).

Harvard Summer Activities Language Table (at on-campus dinner, which I am probably ineligible for) is also on Tuesdays -- Spanish from 5-6 or 6-7 and Portuguese from 6-7.

Ooh, Rev.Steph from The Crossing is preaching at Memorial Church this Sunday.  Though actually, I could go to The Crossing this week and skip Early Buddhism.  Though I think she might not even be preaching this Thursday.  (Oh, and The Crossing has Centering Prayer on Tuesdays...)  Of course, I could just wait until August when Summer School is over and CAUMC is still in recess.


I totally forgot that one of my friends works for a church until she asked if I wanted her to put B's family on their prayer list.

bff said, "half of my prayer list is your prayer list, which I think is kind of awesome"

The surprise bonus care package I sent last week arrived.


Ben ordered his second favorite Finale cake by accident, which was fine by me as I prefer it to his actual favorite.  Al provided sparkling red wine from Italy.  I chatted with two new(ish)-to-me doctoral students and also with a bunch of the junior faculty.  It's really nice to not always be made of awkward.

Sidebar from lunch discussion: Sofra in Watertown apparently has a Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava.
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