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[gym] ~30+min weight room (rested a bit more than optimal, but I don't think I skipped anything)

I wrote up my IP notes from Monday and posted about bodies and then worked on actually feedbacking and writing up recs for fics.  (I have not updated since last August!  I was like, "I am going to make productive use of my time if it kills me."  It did not so much actually happen, though I got a little bit done.)  I also bookmarked/read a few items off my Google Reader.

I ate lunch outside (it was cloudy, humid, and breezy, which all together was actually a good combination) with Nithya and Cait.  I was gonna maybe go to the retirement party for a woman I barely know in the building next door later in the afternoon, but I ended up staying around my desk to do some actual work-related things.

I went to IP section tonight, figuring I was in the area anyway and it wasn't a big deal to just get dinner at Qdoba [sidebar: my recent ability to just not-eat, esp. around dinnertime concerns me] and hang out and possibly folks would bring up interesting questions/issues.  Yeah, I fell asleep during section (which says more about the amount of sleep I've been getting than about the quality of section).

(former)RA-Nicole called me midway through and I totes left class to take the call (even though it literally didn't occur to me what she would be calling about).  Cailin had left her a voicemail yesterday and she just got it today and was totally freaking out.  She apologized for not asking after me at all and said she'd call later and actually catch up on me (I assured her that was fine).

I thought about coming home via Porter to pick up Fig Newtons and cereal but opted to just go straight home.  I have laundry in the dryer, and I think I'm going to go to bed.
Tags: gymming it up, people: h: nicole

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