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"oh good, the rain is finally going to fall"

[gym] 45min treadmill (2.5incline, 4.5mph ... which means a total of 4.0mi from a previous total of 3.33mi ... yeah, people could so easily get numbers fixated exercising [I made a rule for myself that I'm only allowed to weigh myself on days I'm giving blood -- 'cause they ask you your weight on the form, and we know me and obsessive accuracy] ... the workout was actually less of a challenge than it's often felt in recent weeks -- 'cause I got close to 8hrs of sleep last night, I know)

On Sunday when I was making Fourth of July plans with Carolyn, I thought, "Aww, I remember the Fourth of July weekend I spent staying home doing fireworks.  I wonder if they're gonna do that this year; I don't think they did it last year."  Lo, "from now until midnight EST this Thursday (July 2nd), we'll be collecting prompts"

I took a field trip to Lamont Library (in the rain, actually using an umbrella) today -- where they could not locate the book I was looking for.  *shrug*

I found myself singing Dar Williams' "This Was Pompeii" -- not because I'm saddened by the rain at all, but because I feel like it hasn't actually been raining much at all (despite everyone's griping).

Over lunch, Katie and I were talking about how so many of our agemates or younger (i.e., age 23-26) are buying houses/condos and what's up with that.  She said, "Even if someone handed me $2M right now, I wouldn't buy a house."  I said I would, but that I grew up a renter and never liked the idea of being tied down to a place even though I also didn't plan to move around much, and that it's only this past year that I've felt like "Yeah, if I could, I would buy a condo in Davis Square right now."

Red Line after work, I saw Keith and was chatting with him, and then I saw Jason and lit up and threw myself at him.  *shrugs*  I am both easy and predictable.

[FirstChurch Mailing List] Like Noah, we're building an ark for Rest and Bread

Dear Beloved,

Continuing our Rest and Bread series of biographies of folks in the Bible, today, we're going to meet Noah.

We will also pray for sun, for each other, and for the world. We will strengthen our connection to God and to our community by telling Jesus' story about how to live centered in God regardless of what it is doing outside. Come, let's be community together.

Music for meditation starts at 6, our service at 6:15.

The Growth Committee will meet at 7:15.

Laura Ruth
Psalm 29 (when I was looking at it before service, I realized it was the Psalm Carolyn had used on Sunday; also, knowing we were doing Noah, I thought, "Yay thematically connected Psalm")
Genesis 7(ish)

Laura Ruth opened her Reflection by saying that she knew she had to do the story of Noah because it had been raining for 30 days.  I said, "It hasn't been raining for 30 days.  It's been cloudy for 30 days, but we've barely had any rain?"

It took 150 years for Noah to build the ark?  I frequently thought of the Bill Cosby routine, of course, but then at one point I thought, "motherfucking boat" thanks to Sharon's recent post.

Laura Ruth said that in part of the Noah story, it says that God "remembered" and "rescued" Noah.  She also mentioned that Noah's name means "rest," though she didn't really elaborate on that, just said that Noah marked a rest from the post-Edenic curse to labor hard, which I didn't really follow.

She said something like, "One of the other stories we have about Noah," and I thought, "You are not going to tell that story," and she said that Noah is the first story we have of someone tending a vineyard and also of someone getting drunk, and I said, "This story ends badly," and she in fact went on to talk about how Noah's son Ham "saw his father's nakedness" and a couple of the things that might mean (neither of which were exactly what I've heard it said to mean, but after the second one she mentioned I thought, "That could be triggery to someone with a certain history" [at least, I imagine it could be]) and she said that this story of Ham was used to say that Africans were destined to be slaves.  I had been remembering it as being Cain (because he actually gets marked, even though that wouldn't make sense since the mark is to warn people not to hurt Cain), but apparently I was wrong.

I emailed Laura Ruth last week about maybe making some changes to Rest and Bread, and one thing I mentioned was that I feel like I'm supposed to be just lifting up on Prayer at a time but that's not a good system.  During Passing of the Peace tonight (which occurs after the Prayers of the People), Laura Ruth said to me, "You can say as many prayers as you want."  I said, "Yeah, that's what I decided."  (When we got to the Petitions for community, loved ones, and ourselves, I listed all the stuff I could think of -- and then later said one that I'd forgotten.)  She said, "Yes!" and did a fistpump.

In the Invitation to Communion, Laura Ruth said, "this table is a high dry land, come join the ark of love."

I had my head down, eyes closed, during all of Communion until the Blessing of the Elements, and I learned that I can indeed recite the Sanctus with my eyes closed, but when I didn't pick up my program for the Thanksgiving at the end, yeah, that didn't work out so well.  I think that's partly because I already have a Thanksgiving in my head [the CWM one, as I've posted about before -- edit: or maybe I'm just thinking of having blogged about The Blessing of the Elements].

After Rest and Bread next week, Laura Ruth and Keith and whomever else are meeting to talk about Rest and Bread -- what we like, what we want to change, and if we want to have more people attending and if so how to do it -- and so yes of course I will be staying for that.


Edit: la bff and I phoned tonight (as per usual), and I gotta say, it is really good to be able to just sit (on the phone) with someone who knows all your stuff -- patterns, history, redacted bits.
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